The population of Iceland on a social software exceeds 10 million, but the actual population of Iceland is less than 400,000?

Share a hot stalk: There are more than 10 million people marked in Iceland on a micro-software, far exceeding the actual population of 360,000! Hurry up and see how many fellow Icelanders there are on one of your micro-apps? So what is the mysterious force that has caused people to emigrate spiritually?

Some people describe it like this: a lonely alien planet, barren like the end of the world

The 3rd War for Cod and Great Britain

Iceland is located at the confluence of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. It is one of the five Nordic countries with an area of It is comparable to that of Zhejiang Province in my country. Iceland is not only small in size, it does not even have its own army. But despite this, Iceland fought three wars with Britain for cod, fighting for 200 nautical miles of fishery resources for itself, and developed finance and tourism by relying on the economic dividends of fishery exports to complete its economic transformation into a rich country.

Iceland is not “ice”

You may not be able to imagine the coexistence of 130 It is also the country with the most hot springs in the world.

Blue Lake Hot Spring

The milky blue hot spring water echoes the sky, with deep Green moss and black lava form a harmonious and moving picture, which is the famous geothermal hot spring “Blue Lake Hot Spring”. The white smoke on the hot spring lake is like a fairyland. The volcanic lava landform and the blue spring water complement each other, adding a dreamy color.

Mystic Aurora

Iceland’s poetic and romantic and beautiful northern lights, almost all come to Iceland Tourists want to see the beauty of the goddess Aurora. When the aurora shines across the peninsula, there is an illusion of being on another planet. From late August to mid-April of the following year, it is possible to see the aurora in Iceland for a full eight months of the year.

Jegu Salon Glacier Lagoon

If it can satisfy ice cubes, lakes, glaciers, black The beaches with Icelandic elements must be the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, which shows the ice side of the “Land of Ice and Fire”. The gray sky sets off the large blue ice floes on the lake, which is quiet and mysterious. This bizarre fantasy of “how is it in the world” is the location for many blockbusters. Large ice cubes of different shapes float on the lake, and even breathing becomes cautious in front of it, for fear of disturbing the tranquility here…

Due to global warming and accelerated melting of glaciers, Jökulsárlón has been expanding and deepening, and is now the deepest lake in Iceland.

Diamond Ice Beach

The black sand beach by the mouth of the sea is dotted with waves washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The ice cube returned, the largest one was taller than a person. The ice cubes of various sizes are polished by the waves and become extremely smooth, but the edges and corners are indistinguishable from the crystal clear diamonds. When the sun shines, it shines like a diamond. The blackness of the beach and the transparency of the ice form a strong color contrast, and walking in between is quite like Alice in Wonderland.

Black sand beach

Black sand beach is one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world, making people face the world The waves at the end. Raging winds and waves, rugged rocks, and black sand beaches stand out from the crowd. Do not follow the traditional route, the apocalyptic beauty is on its own. Iceland has more than one black sand beach, Reynisfjara next to the town of Vik is one of the most famous and not to be missed.

A group of strange black rocks stands on the sea of ​​Mount Renisgar. It is said that it is a giant monster that was solidified into stone by sunlight. It stands on the sea and is constantly washed by the waves, creating the current scenery. The seventh season of “Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)” was shot here

Reynis pillar Now it is the habitat of seabirds. Birds such as arctic puffins, storms, and sea pigeons come here to build their nests every year. Bird watchers must check in.

Blue Ice Cave

The Vatnajökull glacier in southeastern Iceland is the largest glacier in Europe, with annual November to March is the season to explore the Blue Ice Caves.

The ice surface is as warm and smooth as jade. If you look closely, the layers of ice are mixed with sharp edges and corners. The bizarre texture of it overlaps and interlaces with the solidified air bubbles, bringing an unparalleled sense of dream and tranquility to the sunlight entering at a low angle.

Golden Circle

Iceland’s famous “Golden Circle” scenic spot is gathered in the southwest of Iceland. It consists of three natural attractions: Thingvellir National Park, Geysir Geyser Geothermal Area, and Golden Falls. These three scenic spots have different scenery and histories, but they all occupy a special and important position in Iceland’s geography and culture; and they are very close to each other and not far from the capital Reykjavik, so the Golden Circle has gradually become Iceland’s A must punch place.

In Thingvellir, you can not only experience the two major plates, but also travel between the two plates. Known by many divers as “Iceland’s best-kept secret”, the Silfra diving fissure is located in the park. Many diving and snorkeling enthusiasts come here to experience the proximity between the two plates. Transparent pure underwater world.

The Geysir Geyser geothermal area has a very different view from Thingvellir, but its formation is also due to Extremely active volcanic geothermal activity in Iceland. The geyser geothermal area is located in the Haukadalur valley, with steaming boiling mud pools, fumaroles, geothermal hot springs, and fountains all over the geothermal area.

Iceland is a country of volcanoes and glaciers. In fact, it should be called a country of waterfalls. Every year when the snow and ice melt, new waterfalls are formed, hundreds of thousands, and Icelanders themselves can’t count how many waterfalls there are in the country.

Golden Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland, with abundant water and unique shape. The waterfall is divided into two layers, and the powerful waterfall falls down two steps and rolls into the ancient canyon. There have been various opinions on the name of the Golden Waterfall. When the waterfall reflects the light of the sun, it seems that it is not the water, but the condensed gold. The sun shines on the waterfall and splashes countless water droplets, and a rainbow will cross the sky, forming a moving spectacle. The Golden Falls in winter are covered in snow, adding a touch of tranquility and beauty.

Route 1

If you are an outdoor hiking enthusiast, don’t take Route 1 missed. Most of Iceland’s famous scenic spots and most popular travel destinations are along the No. 1 Ring Road. Many outdoor hiking enthusiasts have set up camp here, plunged into the embrace of the inland areas and hiked for many days, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way.

Landmannalaugar is the star of Iceland’s central inland highlands and one of the best hiking areas in the world. The famous Laugavegur hiking route is named after Landmannalaugar. Lauka is the starting point.

The reason this hike is so popular is because of Landmannalaugar’s extraordinary volcano landform. It is close to Iceland’s most active volcano, Hekla, known for its colorful rhyolite mountains. Various colors complement each other, and there are occasional stripes on the mountains, like colorful ribbons around the mountains, showing a harmonious and chaotic beauty.

If you don’t have time to go to the moon, then go to Iceland!

If you are tired of watching the super-saturated, bright and sweet scenery, then you might as well change your taste and see the waterfalls with clear pictures, the detached icebergs, and the barren land with no grass. ..


▷ To reach the inland highlands, you need to take the mountain road starting with F. Icelandic law requires a 4×4 to travel on mountain roads. If you drive to Landmannalaugar by yourself, you need to rent a 4×4. The long gravel road is very bumpy. A medium and large 4×4 with good performance can better control such roads and be safer.

▷ The inland areas are long and arduous, and there are hardly any traces of business. If you come here for hiking, camping, or even just a day trip, you need to bring enough food and water.