The plainclothes on duty in Tiananmen Square, the black sticks behind their backs, what weapons are they?

Every holiday, Beijing Tiananmen Square will usher in a peak of passenger flow. Because this is the capital of China, everyone yearns for it. Not only many people in China want to play here, but also many foreign tourists come here. According to statistics, Tiananmen Square receives tens of thousands of tourists every day. Tourists who have visited Tiananmen Square must have discovered such a strange phenomenon, that is, there are many security guards standing in the square. Although they are dressed in plain clothes, they are not ordinary security guards.

They are all soldiers, and almost all of them are top players. Many security personnel in black plainclothes patrol the square with bare hands to maintain law and order, and some carry weapons. Of course, the weapons carried are generally not easily revealed. According to experts, the security personnel patrolling Tiananmen Square are mainly divided into two categories, one is the armed police and the other is the People’s Liberation Army. Because of their different responsibilities, the security weapons they carry are also different. Generally speaking, when the People’s Liberation Army is on patrol, they wear military uniforms, while the armed police wear plain clothes. Everyone can tell it is the People’s Liberation Army at a glance, but because the armed police wear plain clothes, it is difficult for everyone to identify them.

What weapons do they usually carry when they are on duty? Typically batons, shields and guns are carried. But some armed police in plainclothes, the weapons they carry are very curious. Most of these plain clothes are uniform, black jacket, white shirt, black leather shoes. It carries a long, club-like weapon on its back. In fact, this is the weapon they use when patrolling. This is not an ordinary stick, but a ZJG-AL01 combination baton. In the impression of many people, aren’t batons that are short and fastened around the waist, this kind of long and still carried on the back is really very rare.

Experts explained that the ZJG-AL01 combination baton is our new army A new type of defensive weapon developed can not only block the attack of enemy knives or stick weapons, but also switch forms to actively attack the enemy. Even tempered glass can’t resist its attack. Experts remind you not to do some hot-headed things when you are playing, because it is not good if you are mistaken for gangsters, let alone test the strength of these plainclothes security personnel, because you will regret it.