The philosophical poems that have to be read, the true meaning of one’s life!

A philosophical poem is a poem that expresses a poet’s philosophical views or affairs.

The content of philosophical poems is profound, subtle, and meaningful, and most of them contain abstract philosophical principles in vivid artistic images.

Today I share a group of philosophical poems, each of which explains a truth, and each has a famous sentence, which one inspired you?


Living Water Ting Guan Shu Feels Two Songs, Part Two”

Song·Zhu Xi

Last night, the riverside was full of water, and the giant ship was light.

It’s always been a waste of time, and today I’m free.

【Philosophy】In the past, when the boat was big and shallow, and everyone pushed the boat hard, it was a waste of effort, but now the spring water is soaring, but the giant ship floats freely walk in the flow of water.

A gentleman moves from time to time and follows the trend. With the help of objective things, things that used to be difficult will become easier.



Song ·Wang Anshi

Flying to the Qianxun Pagoda on the mountain, he heard that the rooster crowing saw the rising sun.

Don’t be afraid of floating clouds to cover your eyes, and you are at the highest level.

【Philosophy】I am not afraid that layers of clouds will block my vision, just because I am standing on the highest level now.

People should not only focus on immediate interests, but should look at the overall situation and the long-term.


Winter Night Reading Shows Ziyu


Song·Lu You

The ancients have spared no effort in their knowledge, and they are young and old.

On paper, it’s superficial.

【Philosophy】The knowledge gained from books is not perfect after all. To understand things thoroughly, you must practice it yourself.

Practice is the only test of truth. A person who has both book knowledge and practical spirit is a truly learned person.


Huanxi Sand ·A cup of wine with a new song”

Song Yanshu

A cup of wine with a new song,

The old weather pavilion last year.

When does the sun go down?

Without resignation, the flowers are gone,

Yan returns from a familiar acquaintance.

Wandering alone on the small garden fragrant path.

【Philosophy】It is helpless that the flowers always fall, and the familiar Chunyan will return.

All the beautiful things that are bound to disappear cannot stop them from disappearing, but there are still beautiful things reappearing at the same time, and life will not become nothingness because of the disappearance.


Songyuan Morning Cooking Paint Shop”

Song·Yang Wanli

Mo Yan had no difficulty going down the ridge, and he earned the wrong love of pedestrians.

Politics enters Wanshan Waizi, and a mountain releases a mountain.

【Philosophy】When you enter the lofty mountains, you have just climbed a mountain, and another mountain immediately stops you.

No matter what you do, you must fully estimate the difficulties on the road ahead, and don’t be fascinated by temporary success.


Huanxi Sand ·Visit to Qingquan Temple in Qishui”

Song·Su Shi

Visit to Qingquan Temple in Qishui,

The temple is near Lanxi, and the stream flows west.

The orchid buds at the foot of the mountain are short dipped in the creek,

The sand road between the pine trees is clean and free of mud,

Xiao Xiao Mu Yu Zigui sings.

Who says there is no shortage of life?

The water in front of the door can still be west!

Hugh will sing yellow chicken with white hair.

【Philosophy】Who says life can’t go back to adolescence? The stream in front of the door can still flow westward! Don’t lament the passing of time in old age!

Who said that people are not like flowers, there is no more youth? Youth can last forever, as long as the heart is not old, youth will never grow old, only the years themselves.


Queer sentence

Song·Chen Shidao

Books are easy to read and easy to read. How many times does the centenary open?

【Philosophy】A good book that suits your taste, it is very interesting to read, but it is often finished quickly. For friends with a temper , it is very speculative to talk about, and I really hope that such close friends will come to talk with him more, but they have disappeared.

Things in the world are always like this, and hope and reality are always contradictory, which is unsatisfactory. It is rare for a person to meet several times in his life when he is truly relaxed and happy and laughs.


“Gui Yuan Pu”

Song·Yang Wanli

Wanshan is not allowed to run by a stream, and the sound of the stream is blocked day and night.

As far as the front end of the mountain is reached, the dignified stream flows out of the Qiancun.

【Philosophy】The creek cannot be blocked. Come.

The trend of the times is unstoppable. All actions and measures that go against the trend are not only useless, but only create riots and troubles.


Winter Steps to the West Garden

Song·Fan Chengda

It is expected to be steep, light and cold, and overcast at night, and the courtyard with flying flowers resents the deep spring.

It blows red and purple, and it blows down, a kind of east wind Two hearts.

【Philosophy】The east wind blows the spring flowers and blows them down, but one east wind is two different hearts.

One person or one Anything can be maker and destroyer.



Song·Lu You

Articles are made by nature, and they are obtained by chance.

It is flawless, why should it be artificial?

You look at ancient Yi utensils.

Han has recently pre-Qin, and it has become very pure.

What is the Hu Bu?

If you don’t make it again in the future, who will be with you for thousands of years?

【Philosophy】The article is not artificial, it is natural, and it is obtained by accident by a highly skilled person. In fact, what the author refers to as “Tiancheng” is not a gift from nature, but is based on the perceptual impressions accumulated over a long period of time and in-depth thinking, and the inspiration is captured by accidental departure.

Inspiration is a long-term accumulation and an instant explosion, as is character and achievement.


“Tixi Lin Wall”

Song·Su Shi p>

Look at the ridge side and form the peaks, the distance and the height are different.

I don’t know the real face of Mount Lu, just because I am in this mountain.

【Philosophy】The reason why you can see Lushan Mountain with different heights is because you are in the middle of Lushan Mountain, and your vision is limited by the peaks of Lushan Mountain, and you can only see one of its peaks. One ridge, one hill and one valley, it’s just a part, which is bound to be one-sided.

Different positions and starting points for looking at problems will inevitably lead to a certain one-sided understanding of objective things; to understand the truth and the full picture of things, one must go beyond a narrow scope and get rid of subjective prejudices .