The People’s Liberation Army Daily commented on the event of enshrining tablets at Xuanzang Temple in Nanjing: Shameful! hateful! hateful

On July 22, the People’s Liberation Army newspaper official Weibo commented on the “Nanjing Xuanzang Temple enshrining the tablets of Japanese war criminals”.

The full text is as follows: “Today, the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government set up a special work class to investigate the incident of enshrining tablets at Xuanzang Temple in Nanjing. Deal with it and report it. Everyone with a conscience will feel resentment for the crimes committed by the Japanese invaders in Nanjing! Although time will erase the traces of the past, it will never erase the pain of the nation! Enshrine war criminals in temples , his actions are terrifying, and his heart can be punished! The Japanese war criminals invading China are the eternal enemy of every Chinese and the public enemy of the entire human race. It is shameful to set up a brand for him, such behavior is shameful! Abominable! Hateful! Looking back on history , look around at the moment, the despicable ones who violate the national emotional bottom line will be cast aside! The perpetrators will be severely punished in accordance with the law, and there will be zero tolerance for all behaviors that betray history!” The official Weibo of the Central Network Department currently has about 21.97 million followers.

[Source: Jiupai News Comprehensive PLA News Official WeChat]

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