The old do not leak residual essence, and the young do not eat strong fire! This old ancestor’s advice has to be listened to

In life, food and clothing are two things.

Simple life chores, but not all Everyone is “qualified”, and these daily chores often affect future physical health. Although people already have a relatively comprehensive understanding of mental health and physical sub-health, very few people can do it or stick to it in practice.

Scientifically, 28 days Cultivate a habit, daily chores and environment will affect a person’s personality changes, especially for older people, who have already formed a fixed life pattern, and their temperament is also “deep-rooted”, but not all the elderly are Have good habits, still squandering their bodies without knowing it.

A cautionary slogan of the ancients: What is the meaning of this sentence? What kind of wisdom does the ancients reveal?

I. Fine, end of life

“Old and poor life “To do everything” is the corresponding health preservation method of heaven and man summed up by our ancestors, so what kind of deep meaning does this sentence contain?

I believe in many friends When you see this sentence, you will understand the word “jing” as the “semen” of the human body, and the word “poor” is “exhausted”. This understanding is also correct. It reminds people that when they reach a certain age, they must control their own physiological desires and excessively. Consumption reduces one’s lifespan. These are the basic health measures that can be understood and implemented, but the deeper meaning and the most important content are often easily overlooked.

The ancients paid attention to the correspondence between heaven and man It is recorded in “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Canon, Su Wen, Theory of Transforming Essence and Transforming Qi”: “I have heard of ancient healing methods, but only by shifting essence and transforming Qi. It’s just wishful thinking.” Here is an excellent interpretation of the relationship between essence, qi, and gods.

“fine” It refers to the material basis for sustaining life; “Qi” is the driving force formed by the combination of the ancestral Qi of God, the essence of water and valley, and the inhaled atmosphere; “Shen” refers to all consciousness, perception and thinking activities.

In this way, it is easy for us to understand “shifting essence and changing gas” Meaning: that is, in order to transform “Jing” into “Qi”, the guidance of “Shen” is needed. The three are indispensable, and “Jing” and “Shen” are the motive force for the production of “Qi”. , In daily life, if a person is too tired, he will say “not in good spirits”, which is the reason.

As we age, our metabolism increases The slower it is, the “communication” between Jing, Qi, and God also forms a “barrier”. At this time, it is necessary to maintain health to adjust and improve the “communication barrier” between the three, in order to achieve the purpose of prolonging life. If you let your body “slack”, some diseases will come to you.

Therefore, “Old man loses his sperm and his life is poor. The deeper meaning of “exhaustion” refers to people’s spirit and energy. Excessive consumption of their own spirit and energy will make their life come to an end.

In Romance of the Three Kingdoms It is written: Yi asked: “What is the trouble of Confucius when sleeping, eating, and other things?” The messenger said: “The prime minister is so busy at night, and he will be punished for more than 20 years to see in person. The food he eats is only a few liters a day.” Yi Gu He asked the generals: ‘Kongming eats less and is troublesome, can it last for a long time? ‘”

Zhuge Liang In the camp, doing everything personally, exhausting energy and overwork, coupled with improper diet and rest, Sima Yi deduced that Zhuge Liang’s life was not long, and the fact was the same. Soon Zhuge Liang passed away with hatred, and Sima Yi became the final winner. Zhuge Liang worked hard day and night. , which consumes one’s own spirit and energy extremely, which is exactly what the ancients said, “the old will drain the residual essence, and the life will be exhausted”.

Many elderly people in modern times do not cherish their own bodies. Energy, young people still have the capital to recover, but old people no longer have such a good body recovery mechanism, onlyDestroy your own body.

There are also some old people who are always cranky every day, that is, The so-called “worrying about the life”, excessive thinking is also a manifestation of “old and disabled essence”. In the end, the disease is born from the heart, chronic illness is difficult to cure, and “people end their lifespan”. Such examples are common in life, and at the same time, they are constantly verifying the true meaning of this sentence.

“Tiger Spirit Remnant, The end of life has already stated the corresponding health preservation techniques of heaven and man, and the second half of its sentence is more classic, “eat less and strengthen fire, and bring disaster to oneself”, which reveals the wisdom of the ancestors everywhere.

Second, eat less and invigorate the fire, bring your own disaster

here The word “shao” means “young, youth”. The ancestors are warning young people not to eat supplements, otherwise they will bury “calamity” on their own bodies, and the word “calamity” here refers to “disease”. “.

Some time ago there were There is a joke on the Internet, saying that the post-90s have already started soaking wolfberry in a thermos cup. We can take it as a joke. Properly nourishing the body is beneficial to health, and wolfberry is a warming and nourishing medicine and food, but excessive consumption is still harmful to the body. Beneficial, but too much supplementation will make young people have the opposite effect.

Young people are physically Well, both physical fitness and internal functioning are in the best state. At this time, according to the “Yin-Yang-Five-Elements” theory, each system is reaching a perfect balance and does not need external factors to adjust.

If young people consume ginseng, deer antler and other tonic supplements, it will break the original balance, and there will be a lot of yang fire.

Any regimen is It is a step-by-step process. Excessive supplementation will lead to haste, or even have the opposite effect. This is the same as the “deficiency is not supplemented” in Chinese medicine. Therefore, it is not recommended for people who are recovering from a serious illness. To make up for it, the wisdom of the ancestors has been alerting it early on, but there are still many people who still do not know its powerful relationship.

Third, ancient health preservation , Heaven and Man respond

Five thousand years of ancient civilization, Chinese medicine is also an important part of the splendid civilization of China. During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, medical theories have been formed and have a very close connection with Taoism. The earliest medical classic “Huangdi Neijing” records in detail the statement that “medicine and Taoism are connected”. study” and so on.

As the theoretical basis of traditional Chinese medicine, yin and yang and the five elements form a corresponding relationship system with human physiology. By looking, smelling, asking and diagnosing changes in a person’s internal organs, qi, blood and body fluids, and the rise and fall of evil, the final diagnosis results are obtained. Healing the disease, and maintaining a healthy life without disease.

“Yin and Yang” The theory can be understood from the literal meaning alone. In nature, the light is yang and the backlight is yin. In ancient philosophy, they were two opposite attributes that were incompatible and closely related to each other. At the same time of rejection, a complementary contradictory relationship will also be formed. When this subtle contradictory relationship intensifies, different symptoms will appear on the body.

The “five elements” theory refers to the use of “wood, The five philosophical categories of fire, earth, metal and water are used to summarize the properties of different things in the objective world. , if the disorder needs to be adjusted accordingly to achieve the purpose of treatment or health preservation.

It can be seen that the ancients maintained a healthy lifestyle The emphasis is on the correspondence between man and nature, forming an operating system that echoes nature, philosophy, and the human body, and inferring whether the body is healthy or not through the changes in the operation of each system.way of life.

Summary :

“Old Excretion of residual semen will end a person’s longevity; eat less and strengthen the fire, and bring disaster upon oneself.” The former reminds the elderly that although the physical function will decline, but the spirit will not, they must learn to control and adjust their own mental state; the latter is to warn the young Know the law of development of the body, don’t blindly supplement it, otherwise it will be harmful to the body.

The ancestors used scientific and authoritative methods to interpret the ancients The way of health preservation reveals the wisdom of our ancestors everywhere. These simple and easy-to-understand principles will be of great benefit to our body and mind as long as we pay attention to them. Health is the biggest capital, and living a long time is the ultimate winner, isn’t it?