The occurrence of uremia, or related to these 4 diseases, need to be careful, so as not to find uremia

With the improvement of medical level, many diseases that were considered intractable diseases decades ago have been cured, but there is still no cure for uremia. Once suffering from uremia, lifelong treatment is required , seriously affecting the quality of life of patients, but also caused a great burden to the patient’s family.

Uremia is not an independent disease, it is a manifestation of chronic renal failure developing to end-stage. The occurrence of many diseases can damage kidney function and eventually cause uremia. Disease, we must be very careful, so as not to come to the door of uremia.

So, what diseases are related to uremia?

1. Diseases of the kidneys itself

Suffering from kidney diseases, if not treated in time, the disease will Exacerbated, uremia may occur. For example, suffering from chronic glomerular diseases, such as lupus nephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis, can cause uremia.

In addition, some infectious diseases, such as renal tuberculosis, chronic pyelonephritis, or renal vascular diseases, such as renal artery stenosis, renal small Arteriosclerosis, or obstructive nephropathy, can lead to uremia.

2. Diabetes

If a patient with diabetes Without good blood sugar control, long-term hyperglycemia can cause small vessel disease and induce diabetic nephropathy.

In the early stage, only microalbuminuria is manifested, and in the later stage, it can progress to massive proteinuria, which damages the glomerulus and renal tubules, causes renal function damage, and eventually leads to uremia. Studies have shown that about 30% of diabetes can eventually be converted to uremia.

3. Hypertension

Hypertension If it is not controlled for a long time and remains high, the kidneys can also be damaged. The more severe the hypertension and the longer the duration of the disease, the more serious the kidney damage will be.

It is said that kidney disease and high blood pressure are “hard brothers and sisters”, long-term high blood pressure can induce kidney disease, and kidney disease will in turn increase blood pressure, and the two affect each other. Studies have shown that about 15% of hypertensive patients will eventually develop uremia.

4, gout

uremic Occurrence may also be related to gout. Gout is caused by the high level of uric acid in the body. If the patient does not control the level of uric acid well, it will affect the kidney function for a long time; In severe cases, it can eventually develop into chronic kidney disease, and in end-stage renal disease, it also develops into uremia.

In addition, gout is often accompanied by hypertension and diabetes, the presence of these diseases also increases the risk of uremia.

In addition to the above diseases, the occurrence of uremia may also be related to bad living habits Related.

Some people have irregular work and rest, like to live a life of day and night upside down, staying up late for a long time, or ingesting a lot of animal offal, seafood, carbonated drinks in their diet strong>Wait;

Or often holding back, these habits can affect the kidneys and become the inducement of uremia. If you don’t want to suffer from uremia, it is recommended to develop a good living habits.

It can be seen that the occurrence of uremia is not for no reason, the daily bad habits and various diseases occurrence can increase the risk of uremia.

If you don’t want to be entangled with uremia, you must first stay away from these adverse factors. Those who suffer from the above diseases must be treated in time to reduce the risk of uremia. In addition, you should also develop a good habit of regular physical examinations. Once you find that there is a problem with kidney function, you should treat it in time to prevent it from happening.