The nurse’s sister is skilled and warm-hearted. After “00”, the patient claimed to be her “little brother”

Changjiang Daily Wuhan Client, April 28th On the morning of the 28th, a young man arrived at the PICC clinic of Jinyinhu District of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital and presented a banner to nurse Yu Qian. On the banner, the young man not only called Yu Qian “Miss” and praised her as “the goddess of the lantern”, but also called himself “little fanboy”, which made the medical staff and patients couldn’t help laughing. The intimacy naturally revealed between doctors and patients. overflowing in the clinic.

In the Jinyinhu District of Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, the “post-00” patients asked “Miss Nurse” Thanks.

The guy surnamed Yang, 20 years old this year, is a brain tumor patient. Since November last year, he has come to Yu Qian’s PICC clinic every week to change his dressing. Cancer patients need long-term infusions or chemotherapy drugs, so a cannula (“PICC” ​​for short) is placed on the inside of their arms and above the elbow to infuse drugs, which not only does not require the old “pulling needles”, but also protects the veins from chemotherapy drugs. .

“If this channel is well protected, it can be used for up to a year.” Yu Qian, who attends the PICC clinic, always tries her best to help patients protect the “lifeline” of PICC. She carefully placed the catheter for each patient, carefully explained the principle and precautions of the catheterization, and repeatedly told the details to be paid attention to after returning home. Once, a patient was afraid of being extremely nervous about “pulling the needle”, so Yu Qian turned on his phone and played soft music for him, chatting with her slowly, so that she could finish the treatment unconsciously.

Nurse sister Yu Qian’s skillful skills and gentle voice impressed Xiao Yang deeply. In Yu Qian’s view, 20-year-old Xiao Yang “still looks like a big boy”. Xiao Yang comes to wash and change the membrane every week. She always reminds in a soft voice, “Don’t put pressure on your arms when you sleep”, “Try not to get wet here when you take a shower”, and “Don’t have too much water vapor in the bathroom to prevent the membrane from peeling off.” Xiao Yang’s skin is prone to allergies, and there will be a small rash after applying the film. Yu Qian patiently helped him apply medicine. The arm on the side of the catheter needs to be exercised moderately to prevent the formation of blood clots. Yu Qian taught Xiao Yang to “make a fist, hang the wrist, and bend the elbow” and help him understand “what is moderate activity”.

Yu Qian has been working in the oncology department for 11 years and has seen the mental journey of many cancer patients. Suffering from cancer at a young age, Xiao Yang was also unable to get out of the haze. Every time he went to the doctor, Yu Qian would deliberately chat with him for a while, accept his depression and encourage him to cheer up. With the company of his family and the encouragement of the medical staff, Xiao Yang became sunny again.

When patient Xiao Yangyuan was in Shandong, he would still connect to Wuhan when he encountered problems during the tube “Miss Nurse”.

A month ago, Xiao Yang went to Shandong with his parents and kept in touch with Yu Qian. As soon as I found any small problems with the tube placement, I quickly sent WeChat over, asking Yu Qian to observe online and give timely advice. Originally, the catheter could be extubated locally, but Xiao Yang must “keep it” and bring it back to Yu Qian to extubate it himself.

Because of this warmth and gratitude, Xiao Yang presented this “post-00s” style pennant when he came to Xiehe Jinyinhu Campus to change his dressing on the 28th. (Changjiang Daily reporter Roland, correspondent Xin Ping, Tu Xiaochen, Wang Cheng)


[Source: Changjiang Daily-Changjiang Net]