The new railway station sampling point in Erenhot City, Inner Mongolia is a high-risk area

Erenhot, Inner Mongolia held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control this afternoon (August 2) to report the latest progress in Erenhot’s epidemic response.

1. About the new cases. From 0-24:00 on August 1, Erenhot City reported 7 new local confirmed cases and 8 local asymptomatic infections. As of 24:00 on August 1, there were 8 local confirmed cases and 11 local asymptomatic infections in Erenhot. All were treated in isolation in designated hospitals. All cases were in stable condition, and there were no severe or critically ill patients.

2. About the traceability of flow regulation. Adhere to the “three public (work)” collaboration and flat scheduling work mechanism, and use big data and other methods to screen, quickly check the activity trajectories of newly discovered cases, and control risk groups as soon as possible. As of 12:00 on August 2, a total of 1092 close contacts and 677 close contacts have been investigated. 1,157 people have been quarantined centrally, and 471 people have been quarantined at home.

3. About the risk level. In strict accordance with the requirements of the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan, the risk area is accurately delineated. After the expert group’s research and evaluation, the new railway station sampling point is a high-risk area. At present, there are 4 high-risk areas in Erenhot City, which implement the measures of “staying at home and door-to-door service”; there are 4 medium-risk areas, which implement the measures of “staying out of the area and picking things at different peaks”; all other areas are In low-risk areas, measures of “personal protection and avoidance of gatherings” are implemented. Please strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, have more understanding, more support, and jointly fight the epidemic, do not go out, do not visit, and do not gather.

4. About nucleic acid detection. Stubbornly promote regional nucleic acid screening, and make every effort to identify risk personnel, so that no one household or one person is missed. The third round of regional nucleic acid testing was launched at 6:00 on August 2. As of 12:00, 64,332 people were sampled, 62,407 people were sent for inspection, and 5,092 people were tested. At the same time, in strict accordance with the principles of zoning and classification, scientific and orderly, high- and medium-risk areas and key populations are collected and inspected.

5. About the situation of isolation places. As of 14:00 on August 2, Erenhot has opened 13 isolation points and 1,503 isolation rooms, 1,121 of which have been used and 382 have not been used. 8 isolation points and 1,035 rooms are being renovated. In accordance with the principle of “should be separated as far as possible”, the management of isolation points shall be strengthened strictly and meticulously to prevent internal cross-infection.

(Headquarters reporter Yang Shunshun Ma Yuqing)

(CCTV News Client)