The new look of the old area | The back of the “loan” of 43 million yuan in Xiaoshan Village

How much is green water and green mountains worth? In Linyi, Shandong, an old revolutionary base with rich ecological resources, the local area is actively exploring the mechanism of ecological value transformation. The ancient trees, strange rocks, and even small mountain villages between Mengshan and Yishui can be marked with a price tag and become a golden mountain and silver mountain that drives the masses to become rich and increase their income. Many villages have leapt to a new level of development.

“A few days ago, Mengyin Rural Commercial Bank called me to report that the loan of 3 million yuan will be credited immediately, and we can renovate a few more homestays.” Party Party of Baiquanyu Village, Mengyin County, Linyi Fang Guoming, the branch secretary, told reporters that the money will be used to upgrade the homestay of the rural tourism cooperative led by the party branch. “Following, there will be 40 million yuan in loans to help the village attract more tourists and increase the income of the villagers.”

Baiquanyu Village, located in the hinterland of Yimeng Mountain, is a typical remote small mountain village. In the past period of time, Fang Guoming responded to the call for ecological construction and led the villagers to close the mine, bring in social capital, build dams, reservoirs, and plant seedlings. Eco-tourism projects have been built on the once abandoned mines, and Baiquanyu Village Farmhouse has made a lot of noise. At present, 40 farmhouses and homestays have been developed.

Baiquanyu Village, Mengyin County, Shandong Province, through ecological restoration, turned the abandoned mine into a tourism project, and the villagers eat “ecological rice” “. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of Mengyin County Party Committee

There are more and more tourists, the overall environment has been improved, and the service level has been followed up… The new changes have put forward higher requirements for the development of Baiquanyu Village. A Gross Ecosystem Product (GEP) report solves the “upgrade” funding problem for many villages in Mengyin County, like Baiquanyu Village, that rely on ecology for food.

In September 2021, Mengyin released the first village-level GEP accounting report in Shandong. After preliminary accounting, the total value of ecological products in Baiquanyu Village was more than 70 million yuan. In March 2022, Mengyin Rural Commercial Bank innovatively developed the “GEP Loan” based on the GEP accounting report, granting a credit line of 43 million yuan to three loan entities in Baiquanyu Village.

Among them, a credit line of 20 million yuan will be given to the whole village for Baiquanyu ecological value conversion, and a credit line of 3 million yuan will be given to the cooperatives led by the village party branch. In addition, a credit line of 20 million yuan was given to the company that came to the village for tourism development. The company recognized the reputation of Baiquanyu Village in the field of eco-tourism and developed a comprehensive hotel in the village, so that this hundred ecological mountain village has a large reception area. the ability of the team.

“The ecotourism industry in Baiquanyu Village has great potential, which is also an important basis for providing this loan.” The relevant person in charge of Mengyin Rural Commercial Bank told reporters that the bank is based on the Shandong Province issued by Mengyin County in 2021. The first village-level GEP report uses the value of the village’s ecological products as a pledge, making it possible to realize the value of ecological products.

Baiquan Yu Village successfully obtained bank credit through the transformation of ecological resources, and its development has jumped to a new level. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Mengyin County Party Committee

The “green ledger” was realized, and Xiaoshan Village successfully exchanged a loan of 43 million yuan. This is a microcosm of solving the shortage of rural construction funds and exploring the transformation of ecological resources in the old revolutionary base areas.

In the past year, Feixian County has continuously improved the ecological product value accounting system, successfully operated 85 ecological resource loans, and provided a credit line of more than 70 million yuan for the rural revitalization field.

The beautiful landscape and high-quality tourism resources in the countryside can be clearly marked and used as collateral. The reporter learned that, focusing on ten types of ecological resources, Linyi City has clarified the transformation scope of the “two mountains”, and at the same time built a “two mountains” transformation platform, so that the ecological advantages can be transformed into the driving force for social and economic development.