The most searched map software on “Boom” can display every street in Taiwan Province

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Recently, by searching for Taiwan Province through Baidu Maps or AutoNavi Maps and other software, you can see a complete map of Taiwan, and it can be accurate to the streets, but Panorama mode is not currently supported. Today, the topic of #Map Can Show Every Street in Taiwan# has become the most searched topic, with more than 800 million views and 46,000 discussions.

From the map, the naming of streets in Taiwan Province of China contains many familiar place names , including Changsha Street, Guangzhou Street, Guiyang Street, etc. In Taipei City, you can also see Chengde Road, Chongqing North Road, Zhongshan North Road, Nanjing East Road, Dunhua North Road, etc. The names of these streets are too familiar! The source of the name is the place names of some cities in our country.

Editor’s point of view: The detailed location information of Taiwan Province of China can be searched through commonly used map software , including streets, buildings, and even small gourmet shops, very detailed. Can you find more interesting things on the Taiwan map? You are welcome to share in the comments section.

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