The more you snap, the looser underneath? It’s these things that really loosen you up!

Crazy…Once, a famous condom brand released its latest advertisement on Tmall flagship store——image source: Weibo

This advertisement is really embarrassing to see – embarrassing for the common sense of the copywriter…

Its main idea should be: “The more sex you have, the looser the vagina will be.”


The majority of netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction in the comment area:

< "content_title" height="300" layout="responsive" sizes="(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw" src=""6mg" ">The source of the picture is WeiboFinally, the advertisement of the manufacturer only stayed on the Internet for 70 minutes before being removed from the shelves So…Although it has been a few days since this incident and the hot search has dropped, I still couldn’t help but want to tell you about it. This incident reflects a wrong view of many people – too much sex will loosen, and if the sex life is not harmonious, the woman will loosen up. The source of the picture is really span>On the Internet, rumors about vaginal relaxation are everywhere. After reading it, everyone can’t help but wonder:Does the vagina really become loose if you have more sex? span>What factors can cause vaginal relaxation?Are there any products that can shrink vagina?Can vaginal surgery be done?Is there really vaginal relaxation? Is it related to sex? p>

Vaginal laxity(VLS)is one of the pelvic floor dysfunction diseases, which is a kind of stress urinary incontinence, Urethrocele and cystocele prophase lesions[1].and The etiology of VLS is complex, the main causes include:

  • pregnancy and childbirth;

  • Long-term increased abdominal pressure, such as constipation, obesity, etc.;

  • iatrogenic injury, such as perineal tear during childbirth ;

  • aging;

  • genetic.

Looking at these causes, I didn’t see anything related to sex…On the contrary, pregnancy, childbirth, aging It seems like a big problem that cannot be escaped.

Here, there must be women who are worried: what should I do if my vagina becomes loose after giving birth? p>< p>

In fact, vaginal relaxation caused by childbirth , will slowly recover after childbirth. Although it cannot be restored to its pre-pregnancy state.

But even so, the sex life won’t change much unless the pelvic floor muscles are damaged span>.

In addition to pregnancy and childbirth, aging is also one of the main culprits of vaginal relaxation. Studies have shown that as women age, the urogenital tract shrinks, the vaginal folds become wider, the vaginal wall becomes thinner, the vaginal discharge decreases, and the risk of vaginal dryness, dyspareunia, and vaginal infections increases significantly At the same time, the contraction force and support force of the pelvic floor muscles decreased, and the probability of VLS increased[1]. However, this condition typically occurs after menopause and is associated with decreased estrogen production.

What should I do to prevent VLS?

Just now we systematically analyzed the etiology of VLS, and once again emphasized that it has nothing to do with sex. So, don’t think too much sex will loosen. To prevent VLS, it is necessary to drug the cause! Plus keep doing Kegel exercises!

  • Pregnancy and childbirth:

Many women have to go through pregnancy and childbirth. During this process, the muscles, nerves and blood vessels of the pelvic floor will be damaged to varying degrees with the increase of fetal weight. If you want to reduce the problem of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, you must do the following things:1. Control fetal weight; 2. Seek medical treatment in time for abnormal conditions such as polyhydramnios; 3. Postpartum “confinement” should rest well, and should not rush to exercise in order to lose weight.

  • Long-term increased abdominal pressure:

  • < /ul>Risk factors for increased abdominal pressure include obesity and constipation. Therefore, it is necessary to change your living habits, control your weight, and reduce the occurrence of constipation.

    • Aging:

    After menopause, the secretion of estrogen decreases and the urogenital tract shrinks, leading to vaginal relaxation and sexual intercourse disorders. However, this can be relieved with hormone therapy. It is recommended to go to a specialist hospital for treatment and intervene in advance. Are the vaginal reduction products on the market reliable?

    One sentence: most of them are unreliable! Consider vaginal dumbbell exercises for now. But when choosing the right product, you need to keep your eyes open.

    In addition, vaginal tightening can also be considered.Vaginal tightening is surgery to repair damaged and loose muscles and fascia to make the vagina elastic Enhancement, mainly including suture of the anterior vaginal wall and posterior vaginal wall, mucosal resection of the lateral vaginal wall[2].Another way of vaginoplasty is to use laser to treat vaginal laxity.The specific surgical selection needs to go to a specialist hospital to find a professional doctor.Summary:< /span>1. It will not become loose after more sex. The number of sex and the tightness of the vagina have nothing to do with women’s happiness. 2. If you want to avoid vaginal relaxation, you need to keep in mind the cause and treat the cause! Stick to Kegel exercises!3 , vaginal reduction products are unreliable, pay less IQ tax, prevention is greater than cure.

    References:< p>[1] Bai Jun, Hao Yujing, Gao Yanping. Research progress on etiology of vaginal relaxation[J].International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology,2020,47(4):417-421.

    [2] Qi Xiangdong, Gu Qinmei. Current status of female perineal plastic surgery [J]. Chinese Journal of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 2020, 31(3): 129-132, 141. DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673- 7040.2020.03.001.

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