The master of removing blood stasis! Raw can clear heat and promote fluid, cooked can nourish the spleen and stomach, and you must eat more to nourish qi and blood at the turn of summer and autumn!

Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Mi.

Today we will avenge an ingredient – lotus root.

Some people say: I never buy lotus root, because half a catty of lotus root is not worth it!

Someone said: I never eat lotus root, because eating lotus root is ugly!

Although these are all jokes, we are really aggrieved. It’s not that I have been buried in the mud all the year round to make myself dirty, but people “get out of the mud without staining”!

Why are there holes? For breathing! If you don’t get some air holes to come out, you will be suffocated to death. Besides, without these holes, where can you find sweet and glutinous sweet-scented osmanthus glutinous rice lotus!

You think lotus root is just an ordinary ingredient, but in the eyes of traditional Chinese medicine, it is a real treasure.

Li Shizhen likened lotus root to “sweet root,” said: , non-toxic, as a good product for removing silt and producing body fluid.”

This guy is very magical, the lotus root is cold in the state of raw lotus root, and it is clear ; If it is cooked lotus root and becomes warm, it will be supplemented.

It can be cool or warm, clear or replenished, it depends on how you eat it.

Raw lotus root: clearing heat and promoting body fluid, cooling blood and removing blood stasis< /p>

The turn of summer and autumn is when fresh lotus root is on the market. The raw food is crisp, tender and refreshing. , Clear irritability, quench thirst, relieve fire, relieve redness, swelling and heat pain, especially suitable for summer, summer and autumn dryness, but also for heat symptoms.

The fragrance of lotus root penetrates the heart and spleen. Traditional Chinese medicine says that the fragrance awakens the spleen and can dissolve the turbid gas in the stomach and stomach, especially Cholera, vomiting and diarrhea, and polydipsia caused by pathogenic heat and dampness. It can be used in cold salads at home, and you can also squeeze lotus root juice.

Like the recent cholera, there is Ginger lotus root drink in St. : One or two raw lotus root (wash, cut), one point ginger (wash, cut). For the second flavor, grind and extract the juice, and divide into three servings, regardless of the time. It has the functions of clearing heat and promoting body fluids, and stomach and relieving vomiting.

Excessive sweating in summer can easily damage the body fluid. Drinking can solve the problem: pear, water chestnut, reed root, Ophiopogon japonicus, lotus root, the raw product can be squeezed for drinking, taking the power of five flavors to clear away heat and promote body fluid, it can relieve body fluid deficiency due to fever virtual. In autumn and winter, dryness will also damage the yin. At this time, the five juice drink is more suitable for stewing, it will not be too cold, and it will nourish the yin and moisten the dryness.

The stasis-removing power of lotus root is reflected in the sentence “Women keep lotus root for three days” , even after giving birth.

Meng Xu, author of “Therapeutic Materia Medica” commented on it: “Everything you should avoid after giving birth, do not eat raw or cold food. Only lotus root is different.”

Women are To avoid cold, why is it suitable to eat cold lotus root? The reason is hidden in its holes and sections.

The “Benjing Shu Zheng” says: “Everything that has joints and fluids can pass.” Medium The straight lotus root is very transparent, able to clear the orifices, ventilate the blood, and remove blood stasis. Chinese medicine believes that the coldness is stagnant, and the lotus root can just break this stagnation.

The lotus root is cold, but not harmful to the sun, especially suitable for women to discharge lochia after childbirth. The reason for persistent lochia is blood stasis caused by postpartum liver stagnation and qi stagnation or yang deficiency and cold. So postpartum upset, blood rush, are very suitable for eating lotus root.

In order to prove the stasis-removing power of lotus root, Li Shizhen alsoIn the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, a story is told: It is said that the emperor of the Song Dynasty wanted to make blood soup, and the cook accidentally cut the lotus root skin into the blood, and the blood spread and could not coagulate.

And “energy saving” makes lotus root a good medicine. The lotus root joint is the place where the two lotus roots meet. It has the property of being astringent to stop bleeding, and it can also remove blood stasis.

Li Shizhen said in “Medical Cases on the Lake” that Song Xiaozong also had the clinical application of the crab lotus festival , The diarrhea persisted, and the imperial physician diagnosed with heat dysentery, but the medication was ineffective. Gaozong encountered a small medicine shop by chance, and after asking the reason, he diagnosed the pulse and said it was cold dysentery. Smash it with fresh lotus root, adjust it with hot wine, and it will heal after a few servings. Take lotus root to eliminate blood stasis, relieve heat and appetizers, and at the same time lotus root can also detoxify crabs.

Cooked lotus root: benefit the yin of the five internal organs, nourish the heart and spleen blood

After the lotus root is cooked, it will change from cold to warm, nourishing yin and nourishing Those who are weak, especially those who love to stay up late, must pay attention!

People who stay up late for a long time are prone to yin deficiency and fire. There is a recipe called Dense lotus root soup in “Suixiju Diet Recipe”: Boil lotus root into thick soup, and drink it directly without putting anything else.

For symptoms of yin deficiency and liver prosperity and less internal heat and blood, such as falling in love with fire, insomnia, thirst, anger, irritability Can be relieved.

“Women are born with the liver”, if you drink a lot of hearty and depressed women, it will be easy for lotus root soup. It has the effect of soothing the liver and relieving depression, which is also the embodiment of “women never leave lotus root for three days”.

There are also some blood-heat hemorrhages, such as nosebleeds, bleeding gums, etc., or accompanied by chlorosis, Shenpi fatigue, eating some cooked lotus root also has the effect of tonifying qi and blood, cooling blood.

If you want to increase the power of nourishing yin and moisturizing dryness, you can use Old lotus root simmered pork ribs soup strong>. Pork is mild in nature and taste, can nourish the yin of the liver, spleen and kidney, moisten the skin and facilitate the two bowel movements, and its bone marrow can also fill the marrow and nourish the essence, which is especially suitable for people with yin deficiency.

If you want to increase the effect of calming the nerves and strengthening the spleen, you can try Yujing Rice : Steam lotus root diced, fresh lotus seeds and rice together. The lotus root here is between raw and cooked. In addition to nourishing deficiency, it also has the effect of clearing heat. The added lotus seed element is called “the fruit of the spleen”, which can nourish the spleen and appetize, and can also clear the mind and calm the nerves. It is suitable for people who suffer from insomnia.

If you want to nourish your stomach and help digestion, you can cook Yujing porridge. Because lotus root is a starchy plant, the taste after cooking is powdery and glutinous. The lotus root starch we often drink is lotus root powder, which is soaked in boiling water.

The postpartum, elderly, post-ill and infirm are very suitable to drink lotus root starch, because it is calm and beneficial Qi and blood, strong tonic.

The effects of cooked lotus root and lotus root starch are actually similar. /strong>The role of, can increase appetite, promote digestion, suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach, indigestion, loss of appetite.

Seeing this, I can’t help but sigh about the magic of the little lotus root, whether it’s eaten raw or cooked, it’s great knowledge. Not to mention, the whole lotus root feast is scheduled for today’s dinner!

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