The “little migratory bird” from eight years ago has returned! This holiday school in Beilun realizes the feedback of love

“I-I-I! Teacher Xiao Xing, I know! It’s 4!” The little migratory birds from the holiday school in Beilun Dagang Industrial Community scrambled to raise their hands, and a nine-square grid was quickly filled with the children’s resounding answers. “Everyone has learned how to solve Sudoku, let’s call out the last answer together.” Under the careful guidance of the little teacher, the children quickly mastered the problem-solving skills and shouted the last Sudoku answer in unison .

This little teacher’s name is Xing Jiayin, a sophomore teacher majoring student in Taizhou College, eight years ago She is a small migratory bird who flew to Dagang Community in Beilun from Jiyuan, Henan Province. Now she has supported the community holiday school to become a small teacher, responsible for cooperating with the community to complete the homework guidance, lunch and nap, rehearsal and other auxiliary work for 40 small migratory birds. . In the absence of an in-service teacher, she also arranges various interesting courses for children in terms of physical beauty and intelligence, and maintains good classroom discipline.

Returning to Dagang Community Holiday School to become a teacher is not a coincidence, but Xing Jiayin’s “intentional Of”. When the holiday was approaching, she began to look for volunteer activities to participate in. After seeing the recruitment order for primary teachers of the holiday school in Dagang Community, she immediately decided to sign up and asked her mother to contact Yang Cui, the head of the holiday school that year.

“I still remember that eight years ago we were taking classes on the second floor of the community. Every day after class, my mother would ride a battery car to pick me up from school. My mother has always kept the parent’s pick-up certificate from that year.” Xing Jiayin Try to remember the situation. “I have been looking forward to coming back here. Although the venue for the class has changed greatly, I still have an inexplicable sense of intimacy.”

Every morning, Xing Jiayin would come to the gate of the holiday school half an hour earlier to wait. When the children arrive, they will patiently coax each child to sleep at noon. In class, she is also a humorous teacher who can combine her learning to stimulate children’s interest in numbers. Her gentleness and carefulness have won the children’s love, and she can harvest a variety of snacks to “feed” every day.

“I’ve also worked as a tutor before, but dealing with one child is completely different from dealing with a group of children. Every child has a different personality, and it’s a challenge to take care of everyone. , I was a little uncomfortable in the first few days, but after I got to know the children, I soon started to enjoy this job.” Xing Jiayin was quite touched by the transition from a student at a holiday school to a teacher. “I would also like to thank Dagang Holiday School for giving me two unforgettable precious experiences. From being taken care of to taking care of others, it has also witnessed my growth!”

From “Worker Children’s Class” to “Summer Vacation” Rest assured class” and then “holiday school”, Dagang Industrial Community has provided custody services for the children of dual workers in the free park for 14 consecutive years, successfully solving the problem that thousands of enterprise employees cannot take care of “little migratory birds”. Dagang Community Holiday School has also developed from the initial care and cultural tutoring to the current “five education”. “The Dagang Community will continue to do its best to respond to the needs of employees and parents and create a safe and happy holiday experience for more children,” said Zhang Luyi, head of the Dagang Community Customs Work Committee. (Source: Blue Media Alliance Beilun Media Center, reporter Xu Guifeng, correspondent Huang Qiyuan and Chen Hong)