The Liaoning Aid Shanghai Medical Team took over the Shanghai Baoshan Makeshift Hospital and has treated 649 new crown patients

At 8 pm on April 17th, the Shanghai Baoshan Makeshift Hospital, which was taken over by the Liaoning Provincial Aid Shanghai Medical Team, officially opened. The hospital has admitted 649 people with new coronavirus infection, including 303 confirmed cases (mild), 1 confirmed case (common type), and 345 asymptomatic infections. The youngest is 3 months old, and the oldest is 90 years old. A total of 608 people received medical treatment.

At present, for ordinary patients in the cabin, the Liaoning Provincial Aid Shanghai Medical Team guides the new coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan (trial version 9) according to TCM syndrome differentiation Under the “three-party three-drug” treatment. For special patients in the cabin, such as the elderly, children, those with underlying diseases, fever, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, insomnia and anxiety, individualized treatment reflects the therapeutic advantages of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment. The specific methods include TCM decoction. , Chinese medicine-free decoction granules, Chinese patent medicine, acupuncture, ear acupuncture seed pressing, eye acupuncture, Chinese medicine sticking and other traditional Chinese medicine characteristic therapies, combined with oral administration and external treatment, multi-channel and multi-target treatment.

Today (April 19), the expert consultation team of the Liaoning Provincial Aid Shanghai Medical Team conducted a consultation with the patients in the cabin hospital, and found a patient The high fever reached 40 degrees, and the expert consultation team issued a Chinese medicine prescription for the patient’s condition through syndrome differentiation and treatment. This is also the first expert consultation Chinese medicine prescription issued by the Liaoning Provincial Medical Team Aid to Shanghai.

It is understood that there are some primary and secondary school students in Shanghai Baoshan Fangcai Hospital, which is currently taken over by the Liaoning Provincial Aid Shanghai Medical Team. They need to take online classes and self-study every day. In order to give students a quiet space, the Liaoning Provincial Medical Team for Shanghai Aid vacated the medical and nursing lounge and turned it into a “student study space”, which was praised by many parents and students in the cabin. In addition, there were 26 children under the age of 5 in the cabin. The medical staff brought some snacks donated by the society into the cabin and distributed them to the children to soothe their emotions and make the children more cooperative with medical work and adapt to life in the cabin.

The reporter also learned that a number of caring enterprises have donated traditional Chinese medicine, proprietary Chinese medicine, Protective clothing, etc., the caring company also arranges “mobile pharmacies” outside the makeshift hospital to dispense medicines to patients according to prescriptions at any time. At present, the medical and nursing work of the Liaoning Provincial Aid Shanghai Medical Team taking over the Shanghai Baoshan Fangcang shelter hospital is being carried out in a stable and orderly manner.

Source: CCTV News Client

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