The latest top hospital rankings are here, and this hospital has been No. 1 for 7 consecutive years

Top hospitals in New York, Los Angeles and other metropolises

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On July 26, U.S. News & World Report recently released the 2022-2023 “Best Hospitals Honor Roll” in the United States, including comprehensive Ranking and 16 specialist rankings. The ranking is based on patient outcomes, patient experience, medical technology, discipline reputation and other health-related indicators.

In the comprehensive rankings, Miaoyou Clinic still ranks first. Since 2016, this is the 7th time that Miaoyou Clinic has topped the list of the best hospitals in the United States.

It is worth noting that Cedars-Sinai Medical Center jumped from No. 6 last year to No. 2, NYU Langone Medical Center entered the TOP3 for the first time, and UCSF The medical center fell out of the top ten, and Stanford Hospital took its place, and many top hospitals gathered in New York, Los Angeles and other metropolises.

Top 10 General Hospitals

No. 1: Mayo Clinic

Miaoyou Clinic is a world-renowned private non-profit medical institution founded in Rochester, Minnesota by Dr. Miaoyou in 1864. It is a comprehensive medical center with a long history. Today, Miaoyou Clinic has its own medical school and 19 hospitals in 5 states in the United States. It has more than 50,000 full-time medical staff and receives more than 1 million patients from 50 states in the United States and 150 countries around the world every year. It is one of the most influential medical institutions in the world and represents the highest medical level in the world.

In the field of global medicine, Miaoyou Clinic has always been known as the “Supreme Court” and “Medical Mecca”, and is well-deserved as the No. 1 hospital in the United States.

No. 2: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, was established by a local Jewish community in 1902 and has gradually grown into the largest non-profit hospital on the West Coast of the United States. It is also the developer of a number of innovative drugs for cancer treatment in the United States, and ranks at the leading level in the United States and even internationally in the fields of heart disease, neurological disease and cancer treatment.

The Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has more than 1,000 beds. Correspondingly, more than 2,000 doctors and more than 10,000 medical staff serve these 1,000 beds. luxurious. Its high-quality service and technical level have been selected as the preferred hospital by residents of the Los Angeles area for 20 consecutive years.

No. 3: NYU Langone Hospitals

NYU Langone Medical Center, located in New York, New York, was founded in 1841 and is affiliated with New York University. It is a general hospital in the nature of a teaching hospital. NYU Langone Medical Center has been a pioneer in medicine and a leader in healthcare innovation. Their 5 leading clinical areas are: Cardiac and Vascular, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Cancer, Musculoskeletal, Children’s Services. NYU Langone Medical Center has outstanding performance in patient care, education and research, and through the integration of academic culture, the center achieves the triple mission of service, teaching and research and development.

No. 4: Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic is one of the most famous medical institutions in the world. It was founded on February 28, 1921.The trinity of therapy, research and education is operated by the Cleveland Clinical Foundation, an Ohio non-profit corporation headquartered in Cleveland with locations in Florida, Nevada, Canada and Abu Dhabi. Cleveland Clinic has always put the patient at the core, and has nearly a century of excellent medical practice experience in clinical operations, patient experience and quality of care. Its cardiovascular, cardiac surgery and urology departments are ranked first in the United States.

No. 5: Johns Hopkins Hospital

Johns Hopkins Hospital, located in Baltimore, Maryland, was founded in 1879 as an affiliate of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The hospital has created a number of firsts in medical history, including the first complete sex reassignment surgery, the first heart bypass surgery, the first neonatal tetralogy of Fallot surgery, and more. The hospital system includes 6 academic and for-profit hospitals, 4 medical and surgical centers, and more than 40 patient care centers, receiving up to 3 million patients annually.

Johns Hopkins Hospital is also a world leader in basic medical research. Hamilton Smith and Dan Nathans, winners of the 1978 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology, came from the hospital. In the early 1970s, restriction endonucleases were discovered and studied in depth.

Tier 5: UCLA Medical Center

UCLA Medical Center was established in 1955 and is a 4-acre non-profit medical institution located on the UCLA campus. The medical center has 8 hospitals, and 14 people have won the Nobel Prize. AIDS was first discovered in the hospital in 1981. The center cost 800 million US dollars to build and is known as “the most technologically advanced hospital in the world”. It is the hospital of choice for Hollywood movie stars and many dignitaries. Transplant Program Hospital” and “America’s Best Children’s Hospital”.

No. 7: New York-Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia and Cornell

New York Columbia and Cornell Presbyterian Hospitals were merged in 1998 by New York Hospital and Presbyterian Hospital, both of which had a long history prior to the merger and were well known in the New York metropolitan area , merged to become the largest and most comprehensive hospital in New York State. The hospital has a total of 2,400 beds. It is a teaching hospital shared by Cornell University and Columbia University. It is also one of the top medical systems in the United States. Its neurosurgery ranking has always been in the top 5 in the United States. The hospital has four major specialties, namely organ transplantation, oncology, neurology and digestive system diseases.

No. 8: Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital was founded in 1811. It is a general hospital located in Boston. It is one of the three oldest hospitals in the United States. It is the earliest and largest Harvard Medical School. The teaching hospital is also the hospital with the largest number of medical clinical research projects in the United States. The annual scientific research funding budget is as high as more than 600 million US dollars, and 13 Nobel Prize winners have been produced so far. In 1846, Massachusetts General Hospital performed the first anesthesia operation in human history, and in 1896, X-rays were first used in clinical practice.

Massachusetts General Hospital has five world-renowned multidisciplinary medical centers, including Cancer Center, Heart Center, Digestive Center, Transplant Center, and Vascular Center, bringing together many leading experts to provide patients with Advanced comprehensive medical services.

No. 9: Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Founded in 1972, Northwestern Memorial Hospital is an earlier affiliated hospital of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. (built in 1888), it is one of the important academic medical center hospitals in the United States and the largest non-profit private general hospital in the Midwest of the United States. It is also the third highest hospital in the United States and the fifth highest hospital in the world.

No. 10: Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital

Stanford Medical Center consists of Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital and Stanford University Hospital, of which Stanford Hospital is the third largest hospital in California and the The largest hospital in the San Jose metropolitan area, the medical center has invested a lot of resources to cooperate with community hospitals and clinics to improve the health of the community. There are dozens of partners, forming a dense health service network in the Bay Area.

Stanford Hospital also cooperates closely with Stanford University School of Medicine, the second most researched medical school in the United States, in cardiovascular surgery, organ transplantation, neurology, neurosurgery, and cancer diagnosis and treatment. world-renowned.

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