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Insomnia is a problem for many people. Many people find that they have insomnia, and they always subconsciously think about whether they are lack of sleep, or whether their recent mental state has affected them. But in fact, our daily diet is also one of the key factors affecting sleep quality.

Why? For example, eating foods that excite the mind, or foods that stimulate the stomach and reduce the digestive function of the stomach, etc., will invisibly become an uncomfortable factor that affects sleep at night, and then lead to insomnia. Therefore, friends who often suffer from insomnia can also look for problems from their daily diet.

Frequent insomnia, observe whether you are eating these foods often recently

Chili— —Let the stomach be “uneasy”

Chili peppers are rich in vitamin C, which is a very nutritious vegetable, and the capsaicin in peppers can also play a role in sterilizing and reducing fat. Less favored by people who lose weight.

However, chili peppers have both advantages and disadvantages. Excessive consumption of chili peppers, capsaicin can also irritate the stomach and cause heartburn and pain, not only that, but also in large quantities Eating chili peppers can also cause the body temperature to rise and the heart rate to increase. Especially when sleeping at night, because the speed of gastrointestinal peristalsis slows down, these discomforts are amplified, which will naturally affect sleep.

Sweet potatoes – bloating leads to sleepless nights

Frequent eaters of sweet potatoes know that sweet potatoes contain a lot of sugar and stimulates a lot of stomach acid Secreted, in the process of intense digestion, the enzymes in sweet potatoes assist in the production of large amounts of carbon dioxide gas, causing bloating.

And if you eat sweet potatoes before going to bed at night, the discomfort caused by bloating can also affect your sleep. Not only that, in the state of lying flat, stomach acid cannot completely cover the food, and it is easy to increase the hidden danger of indigestion. Therefore, not only sweet potatoes are not recommended to eat before going to bed, but other foods are also avoided as much as possible.

strong tea – the more you drink, the more energetic

it is estimated that many people, Especially the elderly will have the habit of drinking tea. Drinking tea has anti-oxidation, blood lipid lowering, weight loss and other effects, and it is indeed very recommended.

But at the same time,tea also contains caffeine which can stimulate nerves and lead to high mental state.If you often drink strong tea, it means that you have too much caffeine intake, and when you go to bed at night Difficulty calming, it will be more likely to insomnia. If you want to ensure a good sleep state, you can drink tea, but you must drink less strong tea. Similarly, similar beverages, such as coffee, energy drinks, etc., also need attention.

In summary, frequent insomnia may indeed be caused by dietary problems. Optimize your dietary structure and pay attention to food intake that will cause negative effects. Sleep quality can also be improved. got a little improvement. On the other hand, a proper diet can actually promote sleep. If you want to take your sleep quality to the next level, increasing your proper food intake is also a very good way.

I often have trouble sleeping, so try these kinds of foods

This is mainly divided into two Category:

The first is sedating foods: such as walnuts, honey, milk, etc.. Eating some of these foods appropriately can bring a sense of calm to the brain and nerves through the supply of polysaccharides, thereby helping to promote sleep. However, it should be noted that most of the polysaccharide foods are high in carbohydrates and must not be eaten in excess to avoid gaining weight.

On the other hand. For example, bananas, grapes and other fruits, which contain melatonin, vitamin B6, serotonin and other auxiliary regulating hormones, nutrients that stabilize mood, also can play a big role in soothing and sleeping. help.

Then comes foods that supplement qi and blood: lack of qi and blood is also one of the main causes of insomnia. , the discomfort during sleep is amplified, which in turn leads to a decrease in the quality of our sleep.

There are also many foods that can effectively replenish qi and blood, thereby promoting sleep, such as red dates, mutton, nocturnal vines, soy products, etc., eating properly in daily life has many benefits , it can also play a very good role in promoting a balanced nutritional intake.

Of course, sleep, as the main daily habit, can also be adjusted by behavior, such as meditating properly before going to bed to calm down. Mood; do some push-ups, squats and other exercises before going to bed. Or developing regular sleep habits, etc. are all effective ways to promote sleep, prevent insomnia, and improve sleep quality.

In summary, sleep is a very important healthy behavior. Friends who often suffer from insomnia should try their best to make adjustments. Whether it is in terms of daily diet or behavioral habits, they are very good. The adjustment method is very recommended for friends in need to try it.


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