The Lancet will continue to pay attention to and support Chinese doctors!

This is a video released by The Lancet in 2021, telling the story of three Chinese doctors at different stages of their careers, showing the passion and responsibility of the moment , the image of a Chinese doctor who is tenacious, selfless, and constantly seeking. Today, we revisit. The Lancet will continue to pay attention to and support Chinese doctors!

The three doctors in the video are authors of the Lancet series of journals. Dr. Zhao Jin from the Department of Health Care, Dr. Wu Simio from the Department of Neurology, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, and Dr. Cao Bin from the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital. They talked about their experiences and insights since becoming a doctor, as well as the changes the profession of a doctor has brought to them.

Dr. Zhao Jin has been involved in clinical work and research focusing on children’s physical health, cognition, language, and social psychology since graduate school. “We help children who make up 20% of the population, but they are 100% of the future. I think what I do is particularly meaningful.” Zhao Jin said.

Dr. Wu Simiao is from the Department of Neurology, West China Hospital, Sichuan University. She and her team are currently focusing on continuing to improve the disease burden of stroke in China, the leading cause of death and disability in Chinese adults. . Talking about her understanding of the profession of a doctor, she said: “A doctor is a profession that is always learning… Whether it is for some diseases we are already familiar with or emerging diseases, medical workers are constantly exploring Better treatments.

Dr. Cao Bin from the Department of Respiratory Medicine of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital is an experienced doctor and mentor. One of his main jobs is to help and guide young doctors, so that the knowledge and experience of Chinese doctors and quality passed down from generation to generation. Professor Cao believes that the process of research is the process of trying to solve problems, and ultimately to help patients. He has been regarded as an “idol” by many people, but he has always followed a creed in his medical career: “Always be an “inpatient doctor” and keep growing.”

The Lancet has long supported healthcare workers in China, especially medical researchers. Dr Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet series, said: “We are proud of the fruitful collaboration between The Lancet and our Chinese partners. We believe that the driving force behind China’s healthcare development will be From the booming Chinese scientific research community.

Since 2015, The Lancet and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences have co-hosted the annual academic event “The Lancet-Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Medical and Health Conference”, providing domestic and foreign doctors and medical researchers Build a platform for communication. At the same time, the Lancet has also released major reports with Chinese partners on the themes of healthy cities in China, Chinese maternal and child health, etc., published articles on improving the quality of primary medical care in China, and published articles focusing on the reform of the medical and health system and medical research. The China Special Issue, which provides suggestions for clinical practice and health policy in China.

In addition to helping China’s scientific research progress, The Lancet has always paid attention to humanistic care for Chinese doctors. In 2019, The Lancet launched the “The Wakley-Wu Lien Teh Prize”, inviting Chinese doctors to tell stories about their medical experience or doctor-patient relationship. The article was published online in The Lancet in Chinese. superior. The Lancet has published several editorials calling for attention to support Chinese doctors, arguing that healthcare workers need to be trusted and respected, and the best way to enhance trust is to build an equally effective, reliable, and respectable healthcare system.

In the future, The Lancet will continue to contribute to the development of Chinese medical science, and will continue to pay attention to and support Chinese doctors.