The “King of Pain”! Elderly people are more common, doctors teach you how to deal with it

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It’s hot in the day

Washing your face with cold water and blowing your face with a fan and air conditioner

It’s a common practice for everyone

It’s fast to cool off the heat

But be careful to induce trigeminal neuralgia

“The King of Pain” is no joke

Mr. Yi from Anhui suffered from trigeminal neuralgia 5 years ago. Since the beginning of summer this year, Mr. Yi was greedy for the cold and washed his face with cold water. Since then, the left corner of his mouth has frequently experienced irritating pain, and the pain has become uncontrollable.

The doctor said that trigeminal neuralgia is most common in people over the age of 50, especially middle-aged women. For patients, some slight movements, such as washing face and brushing teeth, may trigger pain. Quietly when lurking, and thunderous when it strikes, the cause of Uncle Yi’s illness is that he was stimulated by cold water.

Due to Uncle Yi’s trigeminal neuralgia and definite vascular compression, but there is aplastic anemia in itself, the platelets are only 18, and it is completely unable to tolerate prescribing. cranial surgery. After evaluation, the doctor finally decided to replace the riskier craniotomy with minimally invasive surgery, and performed balloon compression of the trigeminal ganglion for Mr. Yi. After the operation, the pain in the heart of the cone finally disappeared.

According to the doctor, trigeminal neuralgia occurs suddenly and lasts for tens of seconds to several minutes. Severe pain, some say it is ‘the world’s first pain’. To prevent trigeminal neuralgia in summer, fans and air conditioners should not blow directly on the face. Usually, when washing your face, shaving, and other actions that may induce pain, use force and gentleness to avoid cold water stimulation.