The injection of new crown neutralizing antibodies costing tens of thousands of yuan cannot be effective for a long time, and it is mostly used for short-term protection

It is said that hundreds of people have gone to Hainan to spend tens of thousands of yuan to inject imported new crown neutralizing antibodies. The people injected are mainly sick children and the elderly, and some people claim that neutralizing antibodies prevent virus infection The effect can last for half a year. Neutralizing antibodies can prevent new crown infection in the short term, but it is not rigorous to say that the effect can be long-term.

Injecting antibodies to improve patients’ disease resistance is not a new thing in our daily treatment. For example, injecting gamma globulin to patients with particularly severe infections and low autoimmunity is in the hearts of many people. , the use of this medicine is the last step of treatment. In fact, this kind of therapy only temporarily helps patients resist pathogenic infection with the help of other people’s immunity. The principle of his action is very simple. Gamma globulin is actually an antibody in human blood. It is extracted from blood donated for free. It is essentially a gamma globulin among globulins. It is derived from class C in Chinese sequence ordering. Name, this type of antibody is the blood donor’s body to resist external pathogens, extracted and injected into the patient can neutralize the pathogen in the patient’s body to achieve the purpose of treatment.

There are two obvious flaws here. Assuming that the patient is infected with A virus, and the blood donor has not been infected with A virus, then the gamma globulin extracted from the blood of the blood donor does not have any The method helps the infected. The second defect is that it is passively accepted immunity, so it does not last for a long time. If the injection is stopped, the curative effect can only last for 2-3 weeks.

In order to overcome these defects, biosynthesis can be used to directly produce neutralizing antibodies against a certain pathogen, such as the direct production of neutralizing antibodies specifically against the new coronavirus. This can be accomplished It has already formed products, such as imported neutralizing antibodies with a price of 10,000 yuan, and our domestic neutralizing antibodies are about to be launched, but the problem of the duration of neutralizing antibodies after injection is difficult to overcome in the short term, because antibodies are determined by metabolic time. Yes, judging by the time we injected the vaccine, in order to maintain the effective preventive effect, the third injection needs to be injected six months after the second injection. Based on this calculation, even the antibodies produced by self-vaccination may not necessarily be It can last for six months, not to mention a one-time injection of neutralizing antibodies.

So most of the neutralizing antibodies can only be used for stress prevention after exposure to infectious agents. The idea that an injection can last for a long time is not necessarily reliable.