The guy sweats a lot and suffers from hypokalemia: sweating a lot, the body may not be able to withstand 3 consequences

In the weather these days, all those who can go out are warriors.

Especially when the high temperature has exceeded forty degrees for several days in a row, people who can meet to go out at this time are often “life and death”.

And in the face of the weather of “going out for five minutes, sweating for two hours”, people will naturally sweat a lot.

Compared with other seasons, the temperature in summer is relatively high, so it will speed up the body’s metabolism, making it easy for the body to sweat a lot.

But if you sweat a lot, you can’t stand it!

Recently, Xiao Liu, a young man in Hangzhou woke up in the morning and suddenly found that he could not get out of bed, and his whole body He was also weak, and it was difficult to lift his limbs. After examination, it was found that Xiao Liu suffered from severe hypokalemia.

The doctor explained that because Xiao Liu always sweats a lot, he often just drinks a lot of boiled water to quench his thirst. Electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, and chlorine will be lost with sweat, and only fresh water will be added. , will exacerbate the lack of electrolytes in the body.

If you sweat a lot, it is recommended to add light saline or tea water, tea soup, etc. to prevent hyperkalemia and hyponatremia< /strong>.

What is potassium?

Potassium is actually the “gasoline” for physical and mental health. All cells and organs need potassium to maintain normal operation.

If the body is deficient in potassium, symptoms such as muscle weakness, relaxation, paralysis and even ventilator paralysis may occur.

Therefore, according to Chinese nutrition recommendations, the appropriate intake of potassium for healthy people is 2000 mg per day, while to prevent chronic diseases, the recommended intake of potassium is 3600 mg per day >.

Potassium is generally between 3.5 and 5.5 millimoles per liter in the human body. No matter it is too high or too low, it will cause certain damage to the body.

In general, potassium is excreted from the human body mainly by means of urine, sweat, etc., especially if you sweat a lot, potassium will be excreted in a large amount through sweat.

However, daily foods also contain a lot of potassium-containing foods, such as spinach, kale, amaranth, potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro and yams, oranges, cantaloupe, papaya, bananas, etc., so for regular exercise or Outdoor employment, may wish to eat more of this type of food when dining.

The more the body sweats, the better for the body?

In fact, more sweating does not mean better health, the normal excretion of sweat is just a form of the body maintaining normal body temperature.

The current ambient temperature is too high, which will cause the body to remove excess water from the body in order to maintain normal body temperature, and maintain normal water temperature by expelling excess water from the body.

If this is the case for a long time, a large amount of water will be lost in the body, which will cause a series of injuries to the body due to lack of water. Therefore, it is not to say that the more sweat, the better for the body. Everything needs to be done. There is a degree.

The human body sweats a lot, what effect does it have on the body?

First, it is easy to cause dehydration of the body

When sweating profusely, a large amount of water in the body will be lost, and the human body will appear at this time. Extremely dehydrated state.

Over time, it will not only slow down the body’s metabolism, but also allow toxins to accumulate in the body that cannot be excreted, resulting in a series of adverse symptoms, such as irritability, anxiety, etc. .

2. Impaired kidney function

If the body sweats too much, the possibility of internal problems in the kidneys is also greatly increased, despite the accumulation in the kidneys The toxins are excreted through the urine.

Once the body sweats too much, there will be a lack of water in the kidneys, which will make some of its functions unable to function normally. Over time, toxins will accumulate in the kidneys and cause lesions.

Three, prone to skin infection

Once you sweat too much, the chance of infection in the human body will also increase.

Mainly because the human body will be in a wet state for a short time after sweating, and the moist place is the place where bacteria love to live.

Therefore, after sweating, the body can easily allow bacteria and fungi to find opportunities, and then multiply in large numbers, increasing the probability of skin infection and affecting physical health.

How much sweat is normal?

Actually, sweating more or less is usually the body’s self-regulation, so there is no need to worry too much.

If you sweat a lot, it doesn’t mean you are weak. It’s just that you want to have more developed sweat glands than others. As long as you are comfortable, sweating more or less is normal.

However, sweating a lot also means that the body loses a lot of water, so it is recommended that you need to replenish water in time!

especiallyFor those who like sports, you might as well drink some sports drinks or glucose water.