The guy healed himself 9 days after being diagnosed with the new crown. The secret is to drink more hot water? what experts say

The epidemic has been developing for more than two years now. In order to resist this tenacious virus, residents in various places, including relevant national units, have taken corresponding protective measures. From the initial home-based blockade of infection to the current intermittent lockdown, coupled with the successful development of the vaccine and the inoculation of all staff, a situation of herd immunity has initially formed in China. However, these efforts do not seem to be able to fully resist the mutated virus. The recent recurrence of domestic epidemics fully illustrates this point.

But just recently, a confirmed patient in Shanghai, through traditional methods, allowed himself to be diagnosed 9 days later. regained health. People were all excited when they heard the news. Are traditional methods the way to fight the new crown epidemic? So how did the patient do it, and is this possible for the general public?

1. Can drinking hot water be a cure for the new crown?

According to related reports, a man in Shanghai was diagnosed on March 29 with fever and abnormal sense of smell. During his illness, he had been taking antipyretics and Lianhuaqingwen medicines. After March 31, the man’s condition improved significantly. First, the fever subsided, and then the whole person’s physical condition was restored, so he successfully healed himself after 9 days.

After hearing the news, it instantly aroused heated discussions among many netizens. You must know that Shanghai has been the most severely affected area by the epidemic in my country recently. If this traditional method can be used to help confirmed patients recover, it will undoubtedly be a boost for Shanghai’s prevention and control. But more netizens worry that this method is not necessarily feasible for everyone. If blindly adopting traditional means to fight against the new crown, it will be detrimental to the control of the epidemic in Shanghai.

In response to this incident, many netizens believe that the man is relatively young, his physical fitness is relatively good, and his own immunity is strong, so he is fighting against it. During the new crown virus, it is more advantageous. In addition, after vaccination, the severe rate decreased, and the virus produced antibodies in the body, which further strengthened the man’s self-healing ability. Rather than saying that he recovered by drinking hot water and covering his sweat, it is better to say that his physical condition is good, and he has the strength to fight against the new champion, so that he can “turn from yang to yin” in a short period of time.

Second, experts remind that this is just an example!

The phrase “drink more hot water” is very common in life. No matter what kind of illness, parents and elders will say this, as if plain water is a A magic medicine can cure all diseases. We cannot deny that drinking more water does have a certain effect on certain diseases and promotes recovery. Drinking water can promote circulation, help expel toxins from the body, purify the internal environment, and restore the body’s state naturally, but drinking water is only an aid and cannot solve the fundamental problem.

In addition, the practice of drinking more water is not suitable for every group of people. For example, children and the elderly have poor physical fitness and are more likely to suffer from underlying diseases, so for these people, drinking more water will not have such a big effect on the disease. Drinking too much water will affect the electrolyte balance and increase the burden on the heart and kidneys. If this group of people is diagnosed with the new crown and adopts traditional methods to help the disease recover, it is obviously not in line with the epidemic prevention and control standards.

Henan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Zheng Fuzeng said that after different patients are infected with the new crown, the symptoms they show are often different. For different types of symptoms, specific treatment methods are needed to help the condition recover. Like common diseases in life like colds and fevers, some people have a runny nose, some people have trouble breathing, and some people have a cough, including the factors that cause the disease, the treatment methods It is also different. It is not advisable to rely only on drinking water and covering sweat.

The new crown vaccine has been successfully developed and fully vaccinated, which can effectively reduce the risk of infection, reduce Morbidity, severe severity, and risk of death after onset. With corresponding measures to block the spread of the virus, more people can be protected from the new coronavirus. The Shanghai guy was able to heal himself smoothly with the help of traditional methods, and it was based on this.

Vaccination cannot achieve complete infection prevention and immunity, but vaccines have greatly reduced the incidence of severe disease. This is a good sign for the country to control the development of the epidemic. At present, the biggest feature of the Omicron variant is the increase in the number of asymptomatic infections, which is related to the widespread vaccination of vaccines. Vaccines help the body form an effective resistance. Although it cannot completely prevent infection, it can alleviate the disease and provide convenience for epidemic prevention.

There is a saying that if collective immunity can be formed among the population, the new crown may develop like the flu in the future, and finally form a highly contagious, but not very lethal form. It is true that in this round of the epidemic, the health of the patients has been affected to a certain extent after the onset of the disease, but the severe and critical conditions have been greatly reduced, which has also given people the illusion that the virus has weakened. In fact, there are differences between the disease and the big flu, and it cannot be generalized.

Zheng Fuzeng said that Omicron has a faster transmission speed and stronger infection ability, which has an impact It has a wider range and is significantly different from influenza. Considering that the mutation direction of the new coronavirus is still unclear, the public thinks that Omicron is a big flu, and taking the epidemic prevention work lightly will inevitably increase the difficulty of epidemic prevention work.

In addition, the types of new coronary pneumonia caused by Omicron variants are mostly mild or common, which is related to the vaccination of the public. of. Severe or critically ill patients are only a minority, but it does not mean that this phenomenon does not exist. For some people who have underlying diseases and who have not yet been vaccinated, the new crown is still a very dangerous disease, and it cannot be said that it is a “big flu” in general.

It is not difficult to see that the comprehensive vaccination of vaccines has played a key role in this outbreak, and better ensure the health of the people. The case where the Shanghai guy achieved self-healing by drinking hot water, covering sweat, etc. is just an example and not representative. At the same time, it is not recommended for diagnosed patients to blindly follow and actively accept management and control. Treatment is the right thing to do.

Third, what you need to know about this epidemic!

1. How strong is the transmission of the Omicron variant?

The transmission ability of the Ormix mutant was significantly stronger than that of other mutants. Relevant data show that the family recurrence rate of new coronary pneumonia caused by Omicron has reached 15.8%, which is 10.3% higher than that of the delta variant. Relevant data released by the United Kingdom and the United States also show that the vast majority of people infected with new coronary pneumonia are caused by the mutant strain of Omicron. This is enough to explain its spread. China has a large population base, and some areas are relatively densely populated, so protection should be strengthened.

2, Will the vaccine’s protection against Omicron be diminished?

Through observation, we can find that all aspects of the new coronavirus have a tendency to mutate in the direction of strengthening, which means that It is more transmissible, and the adverse reactions to the human body will be more obvious. Therefore, people will worry about the effect of their own vaccines. Relevant studies have shown that Omicron cannot completely escape the effect of vaccines, and subsequent outbreaks of repeated outbreaks have not found an increase in severe and fatality rates, so vaccines are still reliable of.

3. Do asymptomatic infected persons need to receive treatment?

Some people believe that asymptomatic infected people are less infected and should be isolated at home to stop transmission until they turn negative. However, it is not necessary to go to the hospital for treatment. The hospital environment is complicated, but it is easy to increase the possibility of aggravation. But in fact, as long as it is an infected patient, whether it is an asymptomatic infection or a mild infection, it should be taken seriously and it is necessary to receive treatment.

First, asymptomatic infections are contagious and the risk of progression is similar to mild cases If you do not seek medical attention, do not implement centralized isolation and observation, and rely only on personal protection, it often cannot stop the spread. Secondly, compared with ordinary people, asymptomatic infected persons are more likely to become severe. Should receive centralized management and scientific treatment.

4. Is it necessary for the elderly who do not go out for a long time to be vaccinated?

necessary! This is becausethere are many ways for the virus to spread, and it has gradually penetrated most of people’s living areas. In addition, the Omicron variant has strong spread and strong survivability. , people exposed to this virus in their lives are more likely to cause infection. Even if the elderly do not go out at home for a long time, picking up express delivery, taking takeaways, going downstairs to dispose of garbage, etc., are likely to cause the spread of the virus and lead to infection, including family members returning to visit the elderly, they will also become way for spreading.

So for the elderly who do not go out for a long time, it is necessary for family members and children to urge them to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Although this approach cannot stop the infection, it can greatly reduce the severe disease rate, which is still very important for controlling the epidemic and ensuring the health of the people.

5, Vaccination rates for older adults need to increase!

At present, the vaccination rate of young people who need to go to school and work, as well as most young, middle-aged and young people is still relatively low. high, but the vaccination rate among middle-aged and elderly people is not up to the standard. Recently, the relevant media released news that among all severe cases in Shanghai, the proportion of elderly people who have not been vaccinated against the new crown is relatively high, and the proportion of people over 60 who have completed the whole course of vaccination reached only 62%.

Older people are more likely to suffer from underlying diseases, and their physical fitness is not as good as younger people. The current round of Omicron is more contagious. Once unvaccinated elderly people are infected, the probability of severe illness will increase. This is not only not conducive to the development of epidemic prevention work, but also affects the health of the population.

Some elderly people feel that their body is weak and may not be able to withstand the adverse reactions caused by vaccines, and they are worried about the safety of vaccines. However, at present, many studies have not found any adverse effects of vaccines on the human body. Even if there are adverse reactions, they are temporary and can be alleviated through scientific methods. Moreover, now the new crown vaccine only sets a lower limit standard for age, and does not set an upper limit, so the elderly should still actively vaccinate in the past while taking advantage of the limelight of the epidemic.

For the elderly with underlying diseases, special attention should be paid to the vaccination process, preferably in the doctor’s It is recommended to achieve full vaccination. Some chronic underlying diseases can cause unstable physical condition, such as unstable blood sugar level when suffering from diabetes, or high blood pressure, etc. If vaccinated when the physical condition is unstable, the vaccine The effect will be affected, and the patient’s body will be more prone to adverse reactions. When the physical condition is stable before vaccination, the effect will often be better.

Fourth, what should the public do in the face of this round of epidemic outbreak?

1. Maintain good hygiene habits

After two years of suffering from the epidemic, Everyone has become accustomed to wearing masks, so it goes without saying that everyone will be prepared. But at the same time, everyone should pay attention to some details, so as to be more conducive to our prevention and control of the epidemic. Wash hands frequently, reduce gatherings, and open windows regularly for ventilation. These are the most basic, especially when returning home from outside, it is best to disinfect personal items.

2. Travel with caution

Although the epidemic has been controlled to a certain extent, repeated situations still exist, and a certain area may one day become a high-risk area. Therefore, in terms of travel, everyone should pay more attention to the development of the epidemic, so as to avoid entering dangerous areas when traveling. Blindly going out and being locked in a closed area will not only bring inconvenience to life, but also It also increases the risk of infection.

3, Prepare common medicines in advance

There has always been a perception that a hospital is a place full of germs and that it is better to go less than necessary. It is undeniable that hospitals do gather a variety of patients, especially in infectious disease areas, which are more dangerous to ordinary people, and will make people feel fearful and emotional. Excusable. Now the new crown is recurring in many places, and the hospital has become a dangerous place. Therefore, the people’s demand for medical treatment has also been greatly reduced, and common diseases are almost reluctant to bother doctors.

Residents who are not in the risk area, if they want to improve various symptoms caused by common diseases in a timely manner, they mainly rely on commonly used drugs to relieve them. Therefore, preparing common medicines in advance can reduce the number of visits to the hospital to a certain extent, and also reduce the probability of contracting the new crown.

Medical supplies such as antiviral particles, alcohol, iodophor, and thermometers are all commonly used. Immediate measures can be taken in case of emergencies. Of course, for patients who have been diagnosed by nucleic acid testing, it is still necessary to actively cooperate with isolation and treatment.


Shanghai guy After being diagnosed with the new crown, it is only an individual phenomenon to successfully “turn from yang to yin” in 9 days by drinking hot water. On the one hand, the young man has been vaccinated and has a certain immunity. On the other hand, the young man’s own conditions are not bad, and his condition has improved with traditional methods such as drinking hot water and covering sweat. For the general public, it is still necessary to use a scientific method, actively obey the arrangement after diagnosis, isolate and observe, and treat correctly, in order to fight against the new crown more effectively.