The flower language of all kinds of flowers – let the flowers speak the words that cannot be spoken

1. Sunflower Flower Language

There is no TA, you are everywhere

When I have you, you are the sun, and I can’t take my eyes off

Without you, I bow my head and see no one

2, forget-me-not flowers

please don’t forget my sincere love span>

Please miss me

It’s not too late

I will come back again to give you happiness

3. The Flower Language of the Other Shore< /span>

A Manzhu Shahua on the other side

This life is a flower without leaves

The next life is a flower without knowing span>

The leaves, flowers and leaves are the same root

This life and the next life are one body

< /img>

4. Cherry Blossoms

Happiness in life

I will never give up in my whole life

There is no other love but you

5. White Hydrangea

Hope, happiness, and lost people will eventually light a light to move forward

6. Blossom flower language

Passionate, persevering

7, Chrysanthemum Flower Language

Pride of Love

8, lavender flowers

hope to wait for that one< /span>

Light the world

Eyes are full of yourself

and bring the stars to the sky

9, White Rose Flower Language

I am enough to match you

Love is what it should be

The game of equal power

10. Gypsophila Flower Language< /span>

I would like to play a supporting role

I love you without telling everyone

I bring all the stars You

still feel that the stars are not as good as you

11, White Peony

May you be spotless

Always favored

loved< /p>

< p data-track="54">12, rose champagne language

in love You are the greatest happiness in my life

Thinking of you is the sweetest pain in my life span>

I will only love you all my life

13. Dancing Orchid

The love hidden in my heart

14, Wisteria Flower Language

One love, nothing else

15. Camellia Flower Language

Do not compete for favor in the flower market

Exclusively happy in the world

16. Jasmine Flower Language

Only smell the fragrance of flowers, not talk about sadness and joy

A sea of ​​100,000 people, I just want you

17.Chinese rose flower language

what the heart wants and what the heart wants

18, Chamomile Flower Language

Strength in Adversity

Strength in Adversity

Healing the world with a fresh attitude

< span>I always hope because of her

is the natural fragrance of flowers, is the love of natural growth, a bunch of The ritual sense of flowers will never go out of style.