The first live broadcast of “Crooked Nut Fun Sanya” was launched

On July 31, the overseas social communication theme marketing campaign created by Sanya Tourism Promotion Bureau“Crooked Nuts Fun Sanya”The first live broadcast< /span>“Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest Cycling and Rafting”In 2022 (the fifth session ) The scene of the Wuzhishan Drifting Culture Festivalwas officially launched.

From YouTube(Youtu)platform “Overseas Communication Officer” Olga (Chinese Name: Hong Yun) as the host of this live broadcast event, live broadcast to the global audience of the beauty of green hills and green mountains, the sassy demeanor of professional cyclists and the coolness of drifting. OlgaThe dense foliage of various primitive vegetation, the magical Gaoxia Pinghu, and the charming Hainan minority Li and Miao people were broadcast live along the way. .

This live event is jointly organized by Sanya Tourism Promotion Bureau in conjunction with Sanya Tourism Promotion Bureau and Wuzhishan Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau. /span>The overseas themed marketing campaign of “Crooked Nuts Sanya” is combined with the cultural and tourism resources of the Wuzhi Mountain Drifting Festival, allowing overseas network experts to participate in this event full of “strange, joy and danger” , fun” cycling and rafting activities, and broadcast live broadcasts to all the audiences who love outdoor sports and nature through overseas social media platforms.

It is understood that the Sanya Tourism Promotion Bureau has long been making efforts to promote the optimization and refinement of the Sanya economic circle, to build an international tourist destination, a free trade port, and a scientific and technological innovation highland. The goal is to jointly enrich the tourism experience around the Sanya Economic Circle and promote the overall coordinated development of the Sanya Economic Circle through complementary resource differences, collaborative brand building, and cultural tourism planning. This event, similarlyaims to deeply integrate and link Sanya City and Wuzhishan City and other surrounding cultural and tourism resources in the Sanya Economic Circle, and join forces, situations and joint ventures to jointly improve the Sanya Economic Circle The international influence of the cultural tourism brand introduces its self-confidence, vitality and open image to the world.