The First Department of Cardiovascular Diseases of Tai’an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital held a meeting of the quality and safety management group of the department

On the afternoon of April 18th, the First Department of Cardiovascular Diseases of Tai’an Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital held the April 2022 department quality and safety management group meeting in the doctor’s office on the 17th floor of Renhe Building. Zhang Kaigang, director of the hospital’s quality and safety management committee, and Xu Kun, a member of the party committee, vice president, and executive deputy director of the hospital’s quality and safety management committee, attended the meeting for guidance, and the heads of the personnel department, medical quality management department, quality control department and other departments attended the meeting. , All members of the Quality and Safety Management Team of the First Department of Cardiovascular Diseases and relevant medical staff attended the meeting.

Zhang Lin, Director of the First Department of Cardiovascular Diseases, made an analysis report. First of all, a brief description of the completion of the business work of the undergraduate office in March is given. Then, the operation of key monitoring indicators was analyzed from the aspects of medical record repair rate, clinical path, critical value, discussion of critical cases, dominant diseases, nursing quality, and DIP payment.

Qiao Yuanxun, head of the Medical Quality Management Department, delivered a speech, pointing out that the ten core indicators should be compared and analyzed, and the two indicators of outpatient clinics still need to be summarized. DIP payment and medical record homepage, surgical structure, clinical The path is closely related, and it is necessary to master the DIP payment rules.

Vice Dean Xu Kun made a comment, pointing out that the content of the meeting of the quality and safety management working group of the department should not only be comprehensive, but also detailed. The work should be implemented, refined to the person, and the responsibility to the person. And put forward several requirements: writing medical records is the basic skill of every doctor, and it is necessary to strengthen the standard of medical record writing; pay attention to the service ability of traditional Chinese medicine and improve the characteristic indicators of traditional Chinese medicine. Principles and prescriptions should fully reflect the consistency of syndrome differentiation, and the identification rate of constitution should be further standardized and improved; the registration and handling of critical values ​​in departments should be further standardized; departments should increase the dominant diseases that meet the development of departments according to their own development; departments should attach great importance to and seriously Learn the DIP medical insurance payment policy and fill in the main diagnosis correctly; filling in the first page of the medical record is of great significance, and the department should attach great importance to it and fill it out in a standardized manner.

Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean Zhang Kaigang delivered an important speech, emphasizing the following requirements: department quality and safety meetings, department quality and safety work, and daily accumulation. The key is to analyze indicators, analyze problems, and strive to solve problems and improve them; seek truth from facts, attach great importance to the real-time processing and correct recording of critical values, and use antibiotics rationally; there must be original records or original data. Comprehensive analysis and comparison must have data, the problems found should be kept in the original ledger, the actual work situation should be truly reflected, and the quality and safety connotation should be effectively improved; the diagnosis and treatment plan should fully reflect and give full play to the characteristics and advantages of the department; each medical record should be It can fully reflect the quality management level of the department; Every physician must be fully aware of the department and related interventional consultation authorization, procedures, dominant diseases, diagnosis and treatment plans, etc., and implement responsibilities in place; do a good job in handover work. Especially for new admissions, surgical operations, and changes in the condition of critically ill patients, do a good job of standard shift handover, and write shift records; there must be a rigorous work system and a serious work attitude, responsibilities are assigned to people, responsibilities are clear, and a solid work style Carry out medical care work, and promote the continuous improvement of quality and safety work. (Correspondent: Zhang Nan)