The first case! A restaurant in Liaocheng was investigated for refusing to use the “place code”

On April 18, the Yanggu County Public Security Bureau investigated and dealt with the first case of refusing to implement the application requirements of the “site code” for epidemic prevention and control work.

After investigation, a restaurant in Qiaorun Street did not earnestly implement the requirements for the use of “place code” in epidemic prevention and control After inspection and supervision by the epidemic prevention and control staff, the rectification and implementation were still not implemented, which violated the provisions of Article 50 of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China”.

Reminder: Promote the use of “site code”, which can realize automatic registration and health information verification of personnel entering and leaving the site To make epidemic prevention and control more precise and efficient, I hope that all sectors of society will earnestly implement the provincial and municipal deployment requirements, so that “every door must be set up, every entry must be scanned, every sweep must be checked, and every difference must be reported”, and strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, Let’s work together to build a solid barrier for the whole people to prevent and fight the epidemic!

Yanggu County Public Security Bureau

April 18, 2022

Source|Yanggu County Public Security Bureau