The favorite local snacks of old Beijingers, each taste is unique, only authentic Beijingers have eaten them all

For some reason, the saying that Beijing is a food desert has been circulating on the Internet, which means that there is nothing delicious in Beijing, but if you think about it carefully, it seems that Beijing is really not famous except for the Peking duck, which has become a marketing product. However, as a thousand-year-old ancient city, Beijing must have many special snacks that accompany the locals. Today, I will show you the local delicacies that only Beijing people have eaten.

The first noodle tea

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At first glance I thought it was coffee, but in fact it is neither coffee nor tea, but Similar to the paste, it is made from millet-ground flour as the main raw material and added with sesame paste and sesame oil. It is a kind of porridge. It is said that whether a person is from Beijing or not depends on the way he drinks noodle tea. Old Beijingers don’t need noodle tea. Any utensils are instead dragged around the bowl by hand to drink.

Second fried liver

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It is said to be fried liver, but it is actually a hodgepodge of animal offal. After all, it is not easy to eat meat in the past, but offal is good Things, even in Beijing, are the same. After cleaning the internal organs of the pig, put it in the pot and cook it, then add the starch and chopped green onion to thicken it, and then you can serve it.

The third hemp tofu

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To say that the above two are acceptable, but this is not acceptable to ordinary people. Yes, don’t be confused by the name. Although it’s only one word apart, it’s far from Mapo Tofu. It’s made from fermented mung bean flour, and it exudes a sour smell, and its juice is even more famous. It is the famous dark cooking soy sauce, I just want to say that it is easy to understand common sense.

In addition, there are mustard dumplings and sherbet, etc. I don’t know which one do you like?