The epidemic has eliminated many respiratory diseases, and the number of outpatient visits in hospitals has been reduced by one-third.

Three years of the epidemic, the biggest feeling of ordinary people is that it is inconvenient to travel, and the feeling of respiratory doctors is that there are significantly fewer outpatients. There are many reasons for the decrease in patients. Convenience, travel is subject to various restrictions, patients are afraid of being infected in hospitals, etc., but one of the important reasons is the epidemic prevention policy. It can be said that the epidemic has reduced the demand for medical treatment for many respiratory diseases.

The most typical example is that the upper respiratory tract infection has been significantly reduced than before. In fact, many respiratory diseases and the new coronavirus have the same transmission and infection methods, such as droplet transmission, so it can prevent the new crown virus infection. The epidemic prevention measures can also prevent many respiratory infectious diseases. Influenza is the most typical example. In the three years of the epidemic, the frequency and frequency of colds have been significantly reduced. Influenza is the cause of acute aggravation of various respiratory diseases, such as smoking. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, recurrent bronchial asthma, etc., these diseases do not need to go to the hospital during the stable period. Colds will induce their aggravation and increase the patient’s demand for outpatient visits. Wearing a mask and washing hands frequently has significantly reduced the incidence of influenza, and the corresponding demand for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary pulmonary disease and bronchial asthma has also decreased, and these diseases are the mainstay of outpatient clinics.

In addition, some diseases related to life factors such as environmental pollution, smoking, and dietary safety, such as the incidence of lung cancer, may also decline in the future, less entertainment, and more time at home, The number of exposures to the above risk factors will also decrease, and the incidence of lung cancer will not increase further.