The efficacy of wolfberry The reason for the popularity of wolfberry is here

Many people take some supplements in life, mainly to pay attention to health issues. Lycium barbarum is a supplement that everyone will choose. People who like to eat wolfberry, do you know what its effects are? There are many ways to eat wolfberry. In addition to soaking in water, it can also be used to make soup and make porridge. What are the contraindications of wolfberry?

Efficacy of wolfberry

1. Improve immune function

Regularly eating wolfberry can improve the body’s immunity. The substances contained in wolfberry can strengthen the body and strengthen the body, which can enhance the function of the body and promote physical health. Persistently taking wolfberry can improve the body’s anti-virus The ability to reduce the occurrence of diseases, can reduce the harm of harmful substances.

2. It has anti-cancer effect

Lycium barbarum has a good effect on the formation and spread of cancer cells Some studies have shown that drinking wolfberry instead of tea can improve the immune function of the elderly and the weakened body, and can also strengthen the body and delay aging. Cancer patients eat wolfberry, can reduce the side effects very well.

3. It has a significant effect of improving eyesight

It is necessary to know that wolfberry has the effect of improving eyesight, and it is also called “bright eyes”. In ancient times, it was used to treat dim vision and night blindness caused by insufficient liver blood and kidney yin deficiency. In the well-known formula, Siju Dihuang Pills, wolfberry fruit is used as the main medicine. So eating wolfberry is good for the eyes.

4. It can effectively delay aging

Lycium barbarum can strengthen the body, nourish the essence, nourish the marrow, nourish the yin and the kidney, nourish the qi and soothe the nerves, and strengthen the body Since ancient times, it is the best medicine for nourishing, strengthening and nourishing people. It can effectively enhance the functions of various organs, improve brain function and fight against free radicals, and has obvious anti-aging effects.

5. It can treat chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis

Citrate, the active ingredient of wolfberry Betaine has the effect of treating chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and other liver diseases, and has a good curative effect.

How to eat wolfberry

1. Brewing method of wolfberry and red jujube tea


1, a handful of wolfberry

2, 3-4 red dates