The Dream Water Margin Ice and Snow Park Project and Water Margin Theater are worth looking forward to! Dongping cultural tourism industry breaks through the predicament and welcomes recovery

Pandemic prevention will not slacken and development will not stop

Dongping Lake Culture and Tourism Group is working hard to welcome recovery

Recently, Shandong Province The epidemic is spreading in many places, and the prevention and control situation is grim. Since March 15, Dongping Lake Cultural Tourism Group has closed its parks to thank guests, and suspended the business and opening activities of all its scenic spots. The losses such as market freezing, financial depletion, and brain drain are incalculable. The tourism industry is fragile, and tourists are indeed extremely strong. Under various pressures such as coping with the impact of the epidemic and the economic downturn, Dongping Lake Cultural Tourism Group adhered to the general work principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, taking project leadership and optimizing the system as the starting point, planning ahead, innovating marketing, practicing internal skills, and starting the epidemic prevention and control. The “four major battles” of control, project construction, management services, and publicity and marketing have injected a “strengthening shot” for the recovery and revitalization of tourism after the “epidemic”.

Promoting the recovery in an orderly manner around the epidemic prevention and control The short farewell is for a better reunion. During the park closure period, when the tourism market was “suspended”, the staff of Dongping Lake Scenic Spot did not stop working. They wore masks every day in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, showed their “electronic itinerary card” before entering the park, and strictly implemented “scanning code”. , temperature measurement, wearing masks, one-meter noodles” and other normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, disinfection and daily cleaning of visitor centers, parking lots, toilets, and public areas of scenic spots, and formulate a complete grid management system. To achieve full coverage of scenic spots safety, service, environmental sanitation, etc., to further strengthen management to improve service quality, prepare for the opening of the park in the best state, and provide tourists with a safe and comfortable tourism environment.

In order to let everyone understand the importance of epidemic prevention, the scenic spot has produced safety and epidemic prevention signs, epidemic prevention propaganda slogans, etc., to remind citizens to do a good job Self-protection, allowing tourists to feel the enthusiasm of the scenic spot, so that high-quality services are still “online”; actively carry out the “anti-epidemic and send warmth” activities, and organize volunteer service teams to go deep into the community to build a solid line of defense for epidemic prevention and control; formulate complete epidemic prevention and control. Control work plan and emergency plan, prepare enough epidemic prevention materials, carry out special epidemic prevention and control training and emergency drills to ensure that prevention and control measures are in place; improve the reservation system for entering the park, the inspection system for entering the park, plan group purchases, rush tickets, and free tickets, etc. A series of preferential activities to benefit the people, stimulate consumption, quickly recover, and make full preparations for the opening of the park.

Daily killing of scenic hotels↓

Job skills practical learning↓

Epidemic prevention love box lunch to send warmth to help epidemic prevention and control↓

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Focus on the core and re-energize around the project construction

During the temporary closure of the scenic spot, Dongping Lake Scenic Spot adapts to the change in the concept of tourism industry and tourist consumption after the epidemic, and plans to expand the scenic spot online and offline to strengthen new project sectors , make up for the loss.

Accelerate the project. The staff and construction personnel continued to implement the “Quality Scenic Spot Improvement Project” under the strict implementation of the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control and the “two points and one line” model, and high-standard and high-quality construction filled new areas. business format. At present, the renovation and improvement project of Water Margin Film and Television City has completed 70% of the project volume, the Lashan infrastructure renovation and improvement project has completed 30%, and the infrastructure renovation and improvement project around Dongping Lake has been completed 30%. Water Margin Film and Television City Dream Water Margin Ice and Snow Park Project, Water Margin Theater – Fighting Ximenqing Performing Arts Project will open on June 1 to welcome guests.

Work together. Negotiate and cooperate with large enterprises such as Shandong Xinhua Culture and Tourism, Shandong TV Station, Shandong Shengshi Youyuan Dairy Co., Ltd. to build research bases, happy ranches, cute tribes, and Water Margin Intangible Heritage Museum ( shadow puppets), film museum and many other projects.

Leverage the momentum to attract investment. According to the “Dongping Lake Regional Ecological Protection and High-Quality Development Plan”, plan, attract investment tourism project gathering areas, health care industry clusters and other emerging tourism ecological projects, and actively connect with Shandong cultural tourism, China Nengjian Group, Chengtong Holding Group, etc., by means of equity transfer, joint venture cooperation, etc., strive to sign a batch of leading large and good projects.

Strong system around managed service optimizationspan>

Innovate the system and mechanism to stimulate the vitality of the group. Focus on the outstanding problems faced by the group’s development, take the problem as the guide, take the reform of the system and mechanism as the main line, conduct in-depth research on the current key work of the group’s internal and external reform, and establish a modern The organizational structure and human resources management system adapted to the enterprise system can better stimulate the development vitality of the group, and take Water Margin Film City as a pilot project, adopt the principles of all-employee job competition, democratic evaluation, and two-way job selection, and finally form outstanding talents to stand out. Cadres can go up and down a dynamic employment mechanism.

Optimize service processes and innovate service models. By inviting industry experts to conduct systematic training on the business environment, the transformation and development of the cultural and tourism market, and the marketing system, the company has issued the Implementation Plan for Strengthening Management and Improving Service Quality and Post Management Services “Detailed Rules”, carried out more than 10 activities such as “sound greetings, smiling service” activities, skills and business competitions, etc., and planned to comprehensively improve the environmental sanitation, service quality and staff quality of the scenic spot; actively connect and learn from the management experience and management model of successful scenic spots, Selected personnel to go to Zibo Hongye Shiyan Scenic Spot and Linyi Yunmeng Mountain Scenic Spot to conduct temporary study, combined with the current work practice, continue to improve the performance appraisal method, and strive to build a team of cadres who “understand business and good management” and a team of “pragmatic and diligent” , business proficient” tourism team.

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Around publicity and marketing Innovative work and beautiful brand

realize multi-domain marketing. Implemented the grid marketing model, set up 10 prefecture-level agencies in the province, 3 provincial-level agencies outside the province, and developed 56 offline agencies in counties and cities from the point-to-point agency; perfected digital network marketing Platform, OTA online scenic spot tickets are launched on 28 platforms, and planning activities for 10,000 people to visit Dongping in Quancheng.

Diversify promotions. The “Yunyou Dongping Lake” activity was carried out through live broadcast and slow live broadcast. The number of Douyin broadcasts in the past 30 days reached 1.068 million times, and the number of live broadcast views in 10 days reached 42,000 times. In the monthly assessment of the county’s news articles in March ranked third. With the help of major network platforms, we constantly innovate publicity methods, and use Weibo and Big V to conduct topical publicity and marketing. The total number of readings has exceeded 68 million times, and a total of more than 1,500 pictures, texts and video information related to Dongping Lake tourism have been pushed.

The vast sky that has experienced wind and rain is as green as wash; the scabbed and diseased trees are revived; the gloomy tourist market is swept away and brought back to life. Dongping Lake Scenic Spot will practice skills, improve the quality of the scenic spot, change the “gap period” of closing the park into the “golden period” for the scenic spot’s quality upgrade, improve the service ability and level, and focus on the beautiful environment, high-quality service and brand-new image. Welcome tourists, release the “frozen” tourism enthusiasm with peace of mind, and promote the high-quality development of Dongping cultural tourism.

Dongping Fusion Media Reporter: Li Ping

Correspondent: Zhang Huan Wang Yunfang