The doctor-recognized healthy schedule is out! Come and see, is your schedule healthy?

I want to ask you a question, how do you arrange your day, is it resting except for work, resting except for school…

As the saying goes The body is the capital of the revolution. The premise of doing everything is to have a healthy body. Otherwise, it used to be empty. However, many office workers are now in a saturated state, and they have no time to rest when they are sick. Arrange for everyone “the most healthy daily work and rest schedule recognized by doctors”, you can follow the above time and make arrangements according to your own situation.

Wake up time: 7:00 in the morning

Researchers from the University of Westminster, UK found: At 7:00: People who get up before 7:00 have a higher blood concentration in the body, which is not conducive to the safety of the heart. However, getting up after 7:00 will be more beneficial to social health.

Brush your teeth before breakfast: 7:05~7:20

British Dental Association health and safety researcher Gordon once said< /strong>, brushing your teeth before breakfast can prevent tooth decay and contribute to oral health. After washing, you need to drink a glass of warm water above 40 ℃, which can promote blood circulation and prevent constipation.

Breakfast: 7:20~8:00

Breakfast must be eaten regardless of work How busy the time is, you must leave yourself a time for breakfast. If you don’t eat breakfast for a long time, you will easily suffer from stomach problems. King’s College London dietitian Kevin? Wellen once said that eating some oats, whole grains, etc. in the morning can reduce blood sugar.

Avoid strenuous exercise on the way to work: 8:30-9:00

Brunell University study found: In the morning, the immune function of the human body is relatively weak. If you exercise properly at this time, you will be susceptible to diseases.

Start work, you can choose a more difficult job: 9:00~10:00

Because this time period belongs to the most awake state of the brain, At this time, the work efficiency will be relatively high, and it is more suitable for doing difficult work. For every 1 hour of work, you need to take your eyes off the shield and give your eyes a proper rest.

Lunch: 12:00~12:30

Lunch must be full, pay attention to protein supplement, and eat more soy products. For white-collar workers, lunch is not easy to be greasy, otherwise it is easy to cause fat accumulation.

Lunch break: 12:30~13:00

Via Athens A university study found that taking a proper rest at noon every day can reduce the mortality rate of heart disease.

Energy replenishment: 3:30~4:00

After an afternoon of consumption, the human body is in a state of low blood sugar at this time. You need to drink a glass of milk to keep your blood sugar stable.

Dinner: 5:30~6:00

It is not easy to eat too much dinner, otherwise it may affect the quality of sleep. The diet at night is composed of vitamins and fibers Avoid eating high-protein, high-fat foods as much as possible. Because there is no hurry at night, you should chew slowly when you eat.

Appropriate exercise: 6:30~7:00

River Nick, a kinesiology doctor at Sheffield University, once said, 5:00~7:00 pm is the best time for exercise. You can arrange exercise time according to your own situation. The time should not be too long for 30 minutes, because it is 30 minutes after dinner, so you should not exercise. It is recommended that everyone exercise vigorously and wash up after exercising.

Accompany and chat with family members: 8:30~9:00

Daily Don’t know how to swipe your mobile phone as soon as you have time. We can put down our mobile phone properly at night, chat with our family members, and check each other’s mood for the day. In the process of chatting, you can not only adjust your emotions, but also increase the feelings between each other.

Simple hot bath: 9:00~9:15

Professor Jim Horne, Sleep Research Centre, Loughborough University Zeng said that a simple bath 90 minutes before going to bed can lower the body’s body temperature to the optimal body temperature for sleep, which can relax and promote sleep. Because I have washed briefly before, it is recommended to control the bathing time to 15 minutes.

Prepare for bed: 10:30~10:45

“European Journal of Cardiology” survey study found that sleeping after 10 pm to 11 pm reduces the risk of heart disease, and the liver needs to be repaired after 11 pm, if not after 11 pm Rest will increase the workload of the heart.

Summary: This timetable is only for reference data. It is not necessary for everyone to strictly follow the above time points. It is more necessary to reasonably arrange the day’s work and rest according to your own situation.


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