The chairman of the competition, Ye Kuang, fell and broke his car. Ke Zhien: Using his head to strategize, it has no impact on the auxiliary election

According to Taiwan media reports, Kaohsiung mayoral candidate Ke Zhien, chairman of Kaohsiung’s election headquarters and former deputy mayor of Kaohsiung City, Ye Kuangshi, posted on Facebook on the 25th that he was injured and fractured while riding a bicycle in Dayu Mountain, and he may have to recuperate. 2 or 3 months. In this regard, Ke Zhien said in an interview this morning that Ye Kuangshi used his brain to strategize, and it had no impact on the auxiliary selection!

Ye Kuangshi (middle)

Ye Kuaishi has been with the corporate body Asia Pacific these days. The cycling group of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Development Association rode a bicycle to Wuling. Late last night, he posted on Facebook that he rode from Wuling Farm to Wuling on the third day. The scenery along the way was magnificent and beautiful. It’s a pity that he accidentally fell on the road to Dayuling, and unfortunately he couldn’t ride on Wuling.

Ye Kuangshi said that Giant first arranged for a car to take him to Rongzong Puli Branch, where the diagnosis was a fracture of the end of the left shoulder and clavicle. He then returned to Taipei and was directly admitted to National Taiwan University Hospital. He had completed the operation and needed to rest for 2 3 months to fully recover. “After I recover, I must ride again to fulfill my wish to go north to Wuling!”

After the 7+7 quarantine period, Ke Zhien officially “exited” today. General Ye Kuangshi, Ke Zhien said in an interview early in the morning that Ye Kuangshi was usually very active and suffered a little injury. Ye Kuangshi also reported that he was safe, and they also expressed concern.

Ke Zhien said, “Ye Kuangshi uses his head to strategize strategies. Even if there are some problems with his arms, it will not affect the auxiliary selection at all. He has repeatedly assured. Ye Kuangshi told us that after 2 or 3 months After recuperating, he will continue to challenge the place where he fell and clap for him.”

It is understood that in Ke Zhien’s campaign team, Ye Kuangshi is mainly responsible for the policy side, and the actual operation is handled by The “legislator” Wu Yiding, the director general of the campaign headquarters, Zhuang Qiwang and Xiao Hanjun, the executive directors. (Straits Herald)