The ceiling of the home refrigerator is actually it

Recently, all kinds of “food hoarding guides” and “stocking lists” on the Internet have been flying all over the screen. Hundreds of species, looking at these stocking lists, we found a bigger problem: how to pack so many ingredients?

As a housewife for a family of five, I am quite experienced in this regard, so I will tell you a few words below . In fact, it’s not complicated, you only need to buy a home freezer, and here I also recommend the beauty that my family is using nowTime series freezer BD/BC-202KMT (E), This freezer can be installed in addition to being able to be installed. A freezer to solve all your hoarding troubles.

Small size, large capacity, whatever you want

Because I have a lot of family members, every time I go to the supermarket to buy ingredients, my shopping cart is full. If not for this beautiful Time series freezerBD/BC-202KMT (E)< span>The freezer, the refrigerator is really not enough.

When I first bought the freezer, I spent a lot of thought. Because there are many people and things, I don’t want the freezer to take up too much space, so after comprehensive consideration of the floor space and capacity, I finally chose the Midea Time series freezer BD/BC-202KMT(E). This freezer has a large volume of 202L, which can hold 330 at a time an apple, but the area is less than 0.46m.2, under the same volume, it occupies more space than other refrigerators Reduce13%, whether it is placed in the living room or on the balcony, it is very convenient, and the body is flat and there is no need to reserve more space.

My freezerJust put itBeside the sofa, it doesn’t take up much space. It is full of all kinds of meat ingredients I usually stock up. It’s super convenient to take what I want to eat. .

Wide temperature change in the whole area, so that every ingredient has its own place

As a container for storing fresh ingredients, the Midea Time series freezerBD/BC-202KMT (E) can not only hold, but also can hold, Betterpacked——43℃ 9-speed global temperature change, so that every ingredient can be matched Optimal storage temperature for easy preservation. -30°C D-type freezing and reverse circulation rapid cooling, 360° circulating cooling, reducing air loss, more evenly freezing from top to bottom, more thorough freezing of large pieces of meat, and longer storage time; 6°C treasures are sealed and stored, which is not easy to mold. Under temperature fluctuations, it can prevent the loss of nutrients; the low temperature of -20 °C can match the storage of breast milk, lock nutrients, and block bacteria to prevent breast milk from being contaminated.

I went back to my hometown for Chinese New Year. When I came back, I brought a ham from my hometown, which is too big to fit in the refrigerator , I simply adjusted the temperature of the freezer to -30℃ and put it in it. Now it is very convenient to cut a piece whenever I want to eat. What is even more surprising is that it has been several months, and the ham is not only not bad, but the flavor has not changed at all, and it is still so rich and delicious.

Multiple user-friendly designs for easier use

It is easy to mess up when there are too many things. This refrigerator also has a special attraction for me, that is, it also With multifunctional storage box, it is satisfied< span>My obsessive-compulsive disorder‘s delicate storage needs. Such as rare dry goods, seasonal frozen vegetables, bacon and local flavors, etc. can be stored in different categories, < /span>All ingredients are can be stored in order,There is no need to rummage through boxes and cabinets anymore, and sorting and storage is not easy to get smelly.

In addition, this refrigeratoralso< span>2 power-assisted hinges, which can realize multi-angle hovering, and open it as you want. The thermostat on the top can adjust the temperature of the freezer without bending over, which is especially friendly to the elderly and pregnant women at home.

In short, this is a very good household refrigerator. Those who plan to start a freezer can start as soon as possible, buy early and enjoy early . Imagine, when everyone is still squatting and grabbing food every day, you can still sleep late, or write your account quietly, and feel the quietness of the years. After all, Versailles said, we lack nothing.