The boy had a smooth operation for gastric bleeding, and he almost hated because of a blood clot in his mouth during recovery from anesthesia

Wednesday, 19:00, in the operating room, a massive gastric bleeding operation is taking place.

The patient is a young man admitted to the emergency department. When he was admitted to the hospital, his consciousness was already a little blurry. Urgent investigation of various indicators, found that hemoglobin has reached the lower limit.

So, blood transfusion and surgery.

Dr. Zhang, who is in charge of anesthesia, has been working hard to transfuse various blood components from the beginning of the operation. During this period, because of frequent changes of blood bags, I almost stabbed my hand once.

Seeing that the patient’s various indicators gradually improved, the atmosphere on and off the stage gradually became more relaxed.

However, just when everyone thought it was a perfect ending, Dr. Zhang’s action made everyone break into a cold sweat.

21:00, just finished the operation. On Dr. Zhang’s side, he is doing various efforts to wake up the patient.

Dr. Zhang has a habit of following standard procedures in all steps. Because he knows that these standardized operating procedures are not easy to come by, and may be the result of thousands of cases.

At this point, the patient’s eyes are open and the handshake is strong. Give the nodding command, and the patient can nod.

According to this situation, most of them are directly extubated.

Dr. Zhang, however, sucked a blood clot out of his mouth despite seemingly unnecessary suctioning steps.

Seeing this blood clot, everyone stopped urging Dr. Zhang, and no longer thought he was wasting time. Because everyone knows the consequences of this blood clot falling into the trachea.

Afterwards, Dr. Zhang repeatedly confirmed that there was nothing in the mouth before putting down the suction tube.

The tracheal tube was pulled out, and the patient was breathing normally, could speak, and could perform command actions, and all indicators were qualified. At this point, the anesthesia officially ended.

The patient then exits the operating room.

At the door of the operating room, the surgeon reported to the family that he was safe, but did not lift blood clots. It’s normal for “anesthesia” to be successful, but once something goes wrong, it may not be the case.

Such unexpected situations remind everyone: In clinical work, there must be no chance of luck or that there is no problem. Everything is in accordance with the standard process, which can avoid problems to the greatest extent.

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