The body has cancer, nails know? Nails have 4 manifestations that may signal cancer or disease

“There are vertical lines on the nails. I heard that it is a sign of serious illness. Is it true?” The backstage received a private message from a fan.

I believe that many people will find that there are vertical lines on their nails, which are not very smooth. There are indeed many comments on the Internet that long vertical lines on the nails represent physical problems. Really?

1. There are vertical lines on the nails, which means there is a problem with the body?

The fingernails reflect the health of the body. What is the connection between the nails and our body?

Nails are actually formed by the keratinization of the base of the nail root, and the growth of the nail root is a continuous metabolic process. Normal nails have a smooth, peach-colored surface without very noticeable changes in color and texture.

Some people say that vertical lines on the nails are a sign of serious illness. In this regard, Wang Qian, Department of General Medicine, Run Run Shaw Hospital said that the long vertical lines on the fingernails are actually just “traces” of the years. Vertical lines are to nails what wrinkles are to skin, it has always existed, but it will become more and more lines with age more obvious.

But everything is but,if If the vertical lines are very obvious, the lines are particularly deep, or the vertical lines have turned into horizontal lines, it is necessary to consider the possibility of liver disease, diabetes, and acute fever. At this time, it is best to go to A specialist hospital makes a definite diagnosis.

Second, extended reading: The lack of a crescent on the nails is also a sign of serious illness?

In addition to the lines on the nails, the crescent moon is often regarded as the basis for good health. There are rumors that people with fewer crescent moons tend to be weaker and more prone to disease.

The so-called “crescent moon” is the half-moon mark on the nail, and some people call it the little sun. Its production is a natural phenomenon of human metabolism. At the lower end of the nail, white marks form where no blood vessels pass, and the shape of a crescent is formed due to the slow growth of cells on both sides. As the nail grows along the nail bed, it becomes a near-transparent color.

Whether the crescent crescent is big or small, flickering and disappearing reflects the physical condition of the individual, Then it depends on the specific influencing factors:

1. The crescent moon may be “hidden”

As long as there are nails, there must be crescents. It’s just a crescent moon that is invisible to the naked eye, which may be related to the frequency of finger use. The more used nails are, the more irritated they are, the faster they grow, and the easier the crescent moon is to show. Therefore, most people have a crescent on the thumb, and the crescent on the little finger is relatively rare.

2. Undernutrition

For severe malnutrition or nail trauma , means that the bottom of the methyl group does not get enough nutrition and cannot produce keratinocytes, and the crescent moon is likely to disappear at this time.

3. Metabolism-related

Crescents are new cells in the body, their size and growth Condition is closely related to metabolism, so it does reflect some changes in metabolism. For example, in patients with hyperthyroidism, due to the rapid metabolism, the patient will have a sudden increase in the number of crescents in a short period of time.

Third, make a point: Only when these conditions occur in the nails should you be worried about diseases or even cancer< /h1>

It is often said that paying attention to the nails can find “clues” of certain diseases in the body, so what changes on the nail caps are we really need to be vigilant about?

1. Long stripes of nails

stripes of nails, also known as Bauer’s line, this line moves as the nail grows. If it’s just a very shallow line, don’t worry. However, if it is a very obvious transverse groove, it is a sign that you have severe malnutrition in your body, or some serious disease that temporarily affects nail growth, such asMeasles, mumps, Heart disease, liver disease, and more.

2. Nails with long black vertical lines

This situation is called “black nails” There are two main reasons for the formation of this black nail, one is the accumulation of pigment in the nail, which leads to localized blackening, and the second may be nail matrix freckles< /strong>Nevus generally do not need to be treated deliberately, but if the melanin pigmentation is unevenUniform, irregular shape, it is necessary to consider melanomacaused.

3. The nails are abnormally curved downwards

This type of nail is called “clubbing” ”, the nails are a bit like cat’s nails, they will hook down and the fingers will swell. “Finger club” is a common sign of certain diseases: 80% are seen in lung disease, 15% in cardiovascular disease, and 10% in digestive and other diseases.

4. Nails are half white and half red

This nail is called“Lindsay’s nail”, the nail The color of the distinct won’t change even if you press hard on the nail. This nail is more common in patients with chronic kidney disease.

Of course, the appearance of the above mentioned nail changes does not mean that it is a disease or cancer. If it is impossible to make an accurate judgment, it is recommended to go to the hospital for diagnosis when there are changes in the nails similar to the above.

Fourth, how to protect your nails?

A pair of beautiful hands will indeed leave a good first impression on the other party. How should we maintain our nails in our daily life?

1. Moisturizing

If you want to care for your nails, the first thing you need to do is your hands Department of moisturizing. Moisturizing can be done by rubbing nail polish or using skin cream. First, soak your hands in water to clean up the dead skin around the nails, and then use oil or skin cream to moisturize around the nails.

2. Stop your hands, don’t cut and cut

It’s easy to get around your nails Gather dead skin, don’t cut it randomly at ordinary times, otherwise it is easy to damage the nail root, resulting in uneven edges of the nail. When cutting your nails, it is best to leave some free margins.

It is unscientific to judge physical health only by nail lines and the number of crescent moons. When you encounter special nail changes and your body feels obvious discomfort, you may wish to consult a specialist. Instead of diagnosing yourself, “scared” yourself half to death.


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