The biggest sobriety of adults: but “second-hand” life

Liao Yimei once wrote in “A Clumsy Life Like Me”: “It is easy to listen to what others tell you, let taboos block your vision, set rules for yourself, and pass the time. Conventional life, I call this second-hand life.”

< span>The road of life must be developed by oneself.

If a person gives up the “dominance”, relies too much on others, and always listens to the opinions of others, then he will gradually lose myself.

Drop Other people’s comments

As the saying goes: “There is no one to talk behind.”

In life, it is impossible to meet everyone’s expectations, and there will always be people who make irresponsible remarks.

Some people, when they hear other people’s comments, start to change their behavior and do things according to other people’s expectations.

The result is like a toddler in Handan, disrupting his own rhythm.

Some people, when they hear other people’s comments, start to be timid and afraid to do anything against the wishes of others.

As a result, I was stuck in place and stuck in the same place.

In fact, many people’s so-called “comments” are just “pastimes” in life.

They don’t actually care about whether other people’s actions are right or wrong.

A person who takes other people’s “comments” too seriously is embarrassing himself.

Dante said: “Go your own way and let others speak.”

Really powerful people never take other people’s opinions to heart. Once they have chosen the direction they want to go, they will go on unswervingly.

When they achieve results, other people’s comments will naturally disappear.

Put down other people’s Looking forward to

The root of a person’s pain is to “use others’ rulers to measure yourself.”

Everyone has their own standard of happiness.

In some people’s eyes, having money and status is a kind of happiness; The way you like, the free life, is happiness.

Many people think that the lifestyle recognized by most people is a good lifestyle.

Not really.

People Once in a group, their IQ will decrease. In order to gain the approval of the group, they will abandon their independent thinking and follow the crowd.

So, The so-called lifestyle recognized by most people is probably just the result of “conformity”.

Everyone has his own uniqueness.

Only by discovering one’s own uniqueness and choosing a way of life according to one’s own uniqueness can it be easier to be happy.< /p>

Living according to other people’s expectations is tantamount to forcing yourself to wear other people’s “shoes”. The result is either “the shoes are too big” or “The shoes are too small”.

We often say: “The authorities are obsessed, but the bystanders are clear. ”

However, this is not the case when it comes to choosing a lifestyle.

Only he knows what kind of life a person likes and what kind of path he is suitable for. Only by following his own heart and making choices can he live his true self.

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Let go of other people’s experience

In life, some people always like to teach others as “experts”.

If others If you don’t follow their advice, they say, “If you don’t listen to the old man, you will suffer.”

However, will others really suffer? I’m afraid After listening to their words, you will “suffer”.

The “old people” have rich experience, and their “opinions” should really be referred to .

However, they should not be “superstitious” about their “experience”.

​Over time, the situation Change, past “experience”, is likely to become no longer applicable.

Forcibly applying past experience will inevitably lead to failure.

Moreover, experience has a great relationship with the individual’s own situation.

The same situation, the same method, some people will work, but some people will not work.

So, no matter how good the method is, it is futile even if it doesn’t suit you.

A philosopher once said: “Everything is changing, the only constant is change.”< /strong>

If a person wants to keep up with the pace of the times, he must let go of his dependence on other people’s “experience” and update himself through continuous practice cognition, improve their own ability.


Nietzsche said : “If you can’t take orders from yourself, you must take orders from others.”

The sign of a mature person is to be able to abandon laziness and cowardice and put Life is firmly in your own hands and you are responsible for yourself.

The rest of life is short, I hope you and I can spend our lives in the way we love.

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