The “biggest killer” of high uric acid, take a sip before going to bed, the uric acid will secretly drop, and the gout will no longer be found

The most direct consequence of excessive uric acid is that when too much uric acid enters the human body’s related soft tissues with the blood, uric acid will precipitate to form needles These crystals cause the body’s immune system to overreact (sensitize) and cause painful inflammation, also known as “gout”. If unchecked, the uric acid concentration continues to rise, it will cause damage to the kidneys and blood vessels, and even cause uric acid crystals and urate crystals to deposit in the renal pelvis, ureter or renal tubule and renal interstitium, causing kidney damage and causing kidney stones. .

The “biggest killer” of high uric acid. /span>

1. Black wolfberry

Black wolfberry contains a large amount of protein, amino acids and trace elements, which have relatively Good diuretic effect, but also help to expel urine toxins, drink a cup a day to easily reduce uric acid and relieve gout symptoms.

Men often drink it, it also has the effect of benefiting the kidney and strengthening the body, clearing the lungs and improving the eyesight. Women’s long-term drinking has anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects. Recommended

2, corn silk And flat, enter the liver, kidney, bladder meridian, has the effect of reducing swelling and diuresis, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar, calming the liver and gallbladder and eliminating stones, 80% of the uric acid in the patient’s body is excreted by the kidneys, adding some corn silk in water can speed up For the excretion of uric acid, corn silk soaked in water is very suitable for people with high uric acid to soak in water.

3. Kudingcha

Kudingcha is not unfamiliar to everyone. It is medically called slimming tea, Antihypertensive tea and blood lipid lowering tea are also very effective in lowering uric acid, and also have significant effects on lowering blood lipids and losing weight.

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