The big jumping platform lights up and the warehouse is “new”. It is very special to come to Shougang Park on the night of Qixi Festival

On the night of Qixi Festival, people passing by the New Shougang Bridge will always stop and look at the scenery of Shougang Park. The park is lit up with colorful lights. The ski jumping platform is like crystal shoes, and the rising fireworks attract Tourists from all over the world. The reporter was informed that on the night of Qixi Festival, Shougang Ski Jumping Platform and Shougang Park’s warehouse have become new places for many couples to celebrate the festival.

“Come to Shougang Ski Jumping Platform to celebrate the Qixi Festival, the big jumping platform is on!” Seeing the article pushed by the official WeChat account of Shougang Park Sports Center, Mr. Xie, who lives in Shijingshan District, bought two tickets for the Qixi Festival. Ye took his fiancee to Shougang Park and went straight to the “heel” of the ski jumping platform. That night, the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform opened its night show for the first time. More than 50 spectators came to the night tour, most of them were couples, and some parents brought their children to visit.

Under the guidance of the staff, the tourists took the inclined elevator to go up, the elevator was running, the vision gradually broadened, and the night scene of the Xinshougang area had a panoramic view. , and finally arrived at the 48-meter platform in the departure area. “Bingdundun” and “Xuerongrong” near the elevator entrance are suitable for taking pictures. After walking a few steps forward, the same angle of view before the athlete jumps in front of you. Nearby are the track, the landing area and the audience. From the seat, you can see Qunming Lake and the remains of the iron and steel industry in the distance.

“It’s very close to the moon, and the Shougang Garden in the night can be so romantic!” Mr. Xie couldn’t help but sigh. The bright lights make the track crystal clear and colorful, and the Qunming Lake reflects its shadow like a “crystal shoe”.

Welcome to the first summer of external operation, Shougang Park has set the big jumping platform as an important stop of the Winter Olympics cultural and tourism route, so that the Winter Olympics venues can be integrated into in the entertainment and cultural life of the public. The reporter learned that according to the current plan, the night tour project of the big jumping platform is planned to be open to the public for a long time. The Shougang Park Sports Center will also carry out a series of promotion activities around the elements of “ice and snow” and “extreme”, and gradually develop more cultural and tourism experience products that the public loves. , to drive more people to understand and participate in extreme ice and snow sports, and more new cultural and tourism products will be released on the official WeChat account of “Shougang Park Sports Center”.

Yesterday afternoon, the theme cultural activity of “Love in the Capital and Meet Happiness” – “Dating with You on the Chinese Valentine’s Day” sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Shijingshan District Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in the west square of the Licang Art Museum in Shougang Park. , citizens can spend a romantic and beautiful Qixi Festival together by experiencing activities such as packaging bouquets, participating in flower sea punch cards, listening to Qixi concerts and other activities. Dozens of young couples and surrounding citizens came to the scene early to experience the romance of Qixi Festival by visiting the market, watching art exhibitions, and watching light and film exhibitions.

A special flower arrangement session was set up on the scene, guided by professional florists. Flowers of different colors and shapes were combined into beautiful bouquets. Taking pictures with bouquets and taking selfies, there is a happy atmosphere everywhere.

In the “Sea of ​​Flowers” exhibition hall, men presented flowers to women and presented Qixi Festival gifts to freeze the happy moments of love in a space immersed in light and shadow. STN String Orchestra performed live violin group performances, performing classic pieces such as “My Sun”, “Blue Danube” and “Ode to Joy”, bringing the audience a wonderful Tanabata music feast.

Source: Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Pan Fuda

Process Editor: U022