The best time of year to regulate spleen deficiency, this maintenance principle must be read

Traditional Chinese medicine divides the seasons according to the “five elements”, and divides the year into five seasons: spring, summer, long summer, autumn and winter.

According to the growth law of crops in the year of “spring growth, summer growth, long summerization, autumn harvest, and winter storage”, most crops are growing in the long summer season. It is in the stage of transformation and maturation and nurturing seeds, so the biochemical effect of Changxia is “hua”.

At this time, the plants no longer grow taller, and begin to accumulate energy to breed fruit, which can only bear fruit in autumn. This process is called luck. change. Children’s spleen and stomach are also speeding up at this time. Many babies’ skin and flesh grow strong, and their small arms become thicker, just in this long summer.

It seems long, but a lot of moms find that summerimg=”600″> Belonging to other children, their own children are more “Xia Xu”: accumulation of food, fever, cold and cough, skin rash, or heat dizzy. In the same summer, some people are long in summer, and some people are empty in summer. Why? Long summer nourishes the spleenThere is a common saying in the folk: “Long summer nourishes the spleen and stomach, and suffers less in autumn and winter”. Long summer is the season of the year with the highest temperature and the most rain. The human body consumes a lot and needs the “transformation” of the spleen to continuously absorb enough from food nutrition to meet the needs of the body. However, the spleen likes dryness and dislikes dampness due to the heavy rain and dampness, so the spleen is naturally affected by the normal functioning of its transport and transformation functions. In addition, every child blows the stomach, drinks cold drinks, and eats watermelon… waste. Each of these heat, humidity, heat, cold and dampness can drag and trap the spleen and stomach, making it difficult for the baby to spend the summer, not to mention the excess qi and blood to grow taller. So the focus of long summer health care is to raise the child’s spleen and stomach first. Nursing the Spleen and Stomach of Children< strong>Do no harm firstThe Ming Dynasty pediatrics book “Children’s Play” mentioned that “people are based on the spleen and stomach” The spleen is often deficient in children, and it is especially important not to regulate it. The method of regulation is not to focus on medicine, but to adjust the nursing mother, reduce diet, and be careful with medicine, so that the spleen and stomach are not injured, and then it is fundamentally solid.”In layman’s terms, children’s spleen and stomach problems cannot be reduced by “treatment” alone, but should be regulated through daily feeding and diet, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach. Lay a solid foundation for the healthy growth of children. A child has a weak spleen and stomach, which is relative to the entire life cycle of a person. Because the child is young, all the organs, tissues and organs of the body are still in the developmental stage. So is the spleen and stomach. The so-called “five internal organs are delicate”, just like the budding saplings, fresh but still relatively immature, so they need to be protected. protection is not harm. That is, as long as you don’t hurt it, you have already provided a good environment for it, and then the body will absorb nutrients and allow itself to thrive. So, when we talk about taking care of the spleen and stomach, you must first do not harm the spleen and stomach, and then adjust it. But many parents have no experience in how to take care of their children’s spleen and stomach, let alone how to regulate their children’s spleen deficiency! Nursing the Spleen and Stomach of ChildrenProfessional things to professional peopleso Dad Sheep specially invited Prof. Ma Ping from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to jointly create an online course of spleen strengthening practical guidance. As the so-called “specialization in surgery”, the more fortunate point for today’s babies is that they were born in an era with more developed information, and parents can also learn from various methods.Expertise that is beneficial for raising children. Learn spleen and stomach knowledgeraise healthy baby span>It’s like my neighbor’s child has a very small appetite and can only eat one or two dumplings at a time. , sticky toilet. The child also has allergic asthma and eczema. Her parents, relatives and friends all think that the child is so thin and weak, with poor immunity, they really don’t know how many illnesses and pains they will go through! However, after learning the spleen and stomach class of Teacher Ma Ping, parents said that the child’s appetite has become larger after two months. I ate a dozen dumplings. After half a year, the child’s stools are formed, the frequency is normal, and the amount of food that the child eats catches up with the normal child’s meal. From the original thin and thin, it becomes a small face with meat on it Meat, eat well and grow taller. How did she do it? It is through the knowledge learned in the spleen and stomach course to regulate the child well. Today, I picked up a small part of Teacher Ma Ping’s spleen and stomach class dry goods and shared them with you mothers.

Mr. Ma Ping’s spleen and stomach class“Children’s spleen and stomach are safe and healthy growing up” Tell us that the common symptoms of children with weak spleen and stomach are: generally have a long course of disease after being ill, often have diarrhea or loose stools, have pale and odorless stools, contain indigestible food residues, and have a normal appetite Weakness, pale complexion, mental fatigue, languid body, pale tongue, thin white coating, weak pulse.

Under the premise of weak spleen and stomach, we simply list two common types of treatment methods:

1. Deficiency of the spleen and stomach. The common symptoms may be: stomach pain from time to time, mainly around the navel, the pain is not serious, and I like to massage or apply heat.

It is easy to have diarrhea after eating a little cold food, or some children will have long-term constipation, which means constipation It is not very obvious, it takes many days to solve it; saliva is often clear; some children may have poor appetite and eat less food; they do not like to move very much; It is the fear of cold, the complexion is white or blue; the color of the tongue may be pale, and the tongue coating is often white.

Children with deficiency of the spleen and stomach, we can perform moxibustion at Zhongwan point or belly button stick Nan Huaijin belly button stick. In terms of medicine and diet, the commonly used ones are: Lizhong Pill, Fuzi Lizhong Pill, and ginger syrup.

2. Phlegm-dampness predominates. Some children may not have obvious deficiency of cold, that is, the fear of cold is not very obvious, but they show a lot of wetness. Specific symptoms are common: frequent expectoration, prone to eczema, sticky stools that are not easy to flush, tongue looks fat, a lot of water, like the kind that is about to drip, sometimes there is a white greasy coating in the middle.

Children with phlegm should move. More outdoor activities, more grounded. Commonly used drugs are: Huoxiangzhengqi Oral Liquid, Pingwei Pills/Shenling Baizhu Granules.

In the course of strengthening the spleen, in addition to a comprehensive summary of the regulation of spleen deficiency, teacher Ma Ping also aimed at How to specifically solve various common problems such as spleen deficiency anorexia, spleen deficiency diarrhea, spleen deficiency constipation, spleen deficiency obesity, and how to care for children’s spleen and stomach throughout the year and dailyWe formulated special conditioning programs , to help you solve practical problems in a targeted manner.

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