The best health, but three meals a day

I have seen this passage:

“Many things in life are uncontrollable, but you can control how you eat and how you cook. .

In addition to filling Stomach, solve physiological needs, use the simplest three meals a day to fight against all kinds of life in life, to heal the sad life.”

This is not the case with three meals a day. Feed the body with one vegetable and one meal, and nourish the soul with love and fireworks.

In this way, nourishing both body and mind is the best way to keep healthy.

About what is health preservation, Professor Zhang Qicheng said that health preservation is to cultivate healthy living habits.

Ancient Sayings: Diet There are festivals, and there are routines in daily life.

fall into daily life, That is, three meals a day, meals on time, daily work and rest, all regular.

In recent years, Young people who are troubled by hair loss, insomnia, overwork and obesity, began to join the army of health preservation.

You can see them life status:

In the morning, I was in a hurry, clocked in the clock, and finally sat down at the work station. Three mouthfuls put breakfast in my mouth and filled it into my stomach;

Open the takeaway software at noon and eat whatever is nearby. If you are busy with work, you will not know what time it will arrive.

Dinner more It’s just a matter of fate, what time do you eat when you get off work, or when you meet a stall on your way home to buy something casually, or simply don’t eat to lose weight.

Watch It is the food and the stomach that is wronged, but the body is actually indebted.

Actor Wang Kai once talked about his experience of illness in an interview.

The year he was 35 Years old, the career is in the most beautiful and busy period.

can be at the father One month after he died of lung cancer.

He is in the medical examination He was found to have shadows in his lungs, and doctors advised him to prepare for surgery.

He describes himself , At the moment of learning the results of the physical examination, the whole person was “stupefied” in place.

Until then, He often stayed up all night for filming and carried it hard when he was sick.

The whole person is in excess The state of consumption does not care whether the eating schedule is regular or not.

Sudden illness , let him start to rethink his life and reorder the value sequence in his mind.

Now, red is not Red has nothing to do, life and health,row to the front.

He is getting Care about whether the crew’s meal time is on time.

“Eat on time, Take care of yourself and don’t let your family worry” has become his life norm.

When you are young, most I feel that three meals a day are too cumbersome, it is inefficient to eat on time, and I can live well if I just deal with it.

You can get older As you grow, you will slowly discover how life will reward you how you treat each meal.

on time Eating, regular work and rest, is a small and pure insistence on life, and it is also a simple and effective guardian of health.

People often say, “It doesn’t matter what you eat, it matters who you eat with.”

Three meals a day , to have the company of family is the greatest joy in life.

I have a friend who I have known for almost ten years. He has always been thin and small, with a sallow complexion and a malnourished appearance.

A few days ago When I saw her again, I found her rosy complexion.

Only two months time, the state of the whole person is much better.

Ask her who was How is it maintained.

She said it was Eat with family every day.

Her parents retired last year Later, he moved in to live with her.

At first she thought, Because of the difference in life style, there must be quarrels.

can be her morning Walking out of the room, seeing the sunlight scattered in the dining room, meeting the table and dishes unexpectedly, and seeing the colorful dishes on the plate, life is instantly full of hope.

come home at night, When you open the door, you can smell the aroma of the food. The family sits around. Although there are occasional bickering, the heart is always at ease during the noise.

at every sunset In the evening, between meals, feel the temperature of bowls and dishes, and taste the taste of vegetables and rice, which are full of parents’ love.

outside the rules, Fatigue and grievances can be dissolved in the collision of tableware and chopsticks.

Family In the days of being together, every meal was eaten into the stomach, engraved in the heart, and finally turned into whispers, giving each other strength.

I read a sentence online:

Families love each other, and what they look forward to most is not that night falls, Under a single light, they sat down with each other and ate a hot meal, swallowing the hard work of the day.

Regardless of the current How hard life is, as long as the family sits around a table,, it can drive away the fatigue of the body and relieve the anxiety of the heart.

Easy and busy days to enjoy with family Three meals and four seasons are the best nourishment for the body and mind.

Real health care does not lie in external utensils, It’s about a person’s inner state.

No matter how precious medicinal herbs are, they are not as good as three meals a day Family as company.

“One Day Zen” said: “The fireworks in the world are the most soothing people’s hearts.”

And the most unique smell of fireworks in the world is in Three meals a day in the diesel, rice, oil and salt.

The more ins and outs, the better the healing of life. Complex and heavy, soothing.

I saw Cai Lan several times in talk shows, He was carrying a golden monk’s bag, and he went to the vegetable market with the host.

He joked that he moved his office to the wet market .

The bustling crowd was full of fireworks.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, duck and fish The soothing magic of the vegetable market.

He took the host to go shopping and buy all the way.

Finally, I found a small shop full of fireworks. Eat and chat.

When you have questions you don’t want to answer, use food Resolve embarrassment.

It’s hard to believe that this young man with no age angry, the old man with a baby face is over eighty years old.

He never believed in those “health regimens”, But in his old age his body was still strong.

In his view, Life is all about eating, drinking, and drinking, and firewood, rice, oil, and salt are the best way to prolong life.

Make a table Eat meals slowly, and life will be peaceful and fulfilling naturally.

I have seen this sentence:

< p data-track="121">“There are many kinds of beauty. Only the fireworks and fireworks that permeate from the firewood, rice, oil and salt can soften the whole world and soothe people’s hearts.”

Chicken feathers and chicken feathers are indispensable in life.

But the firewood, rice, oil and salt can always take us to the smallest details Feel the beauty in life and realize the great truth in ordinary life.

If you feel that the world is difficult one day, don’t rush deny life.

Take a basket and go to the market.

Choose a few fresh fruits and vegetables, pick a few Pieces of favorite meat, eggs and tofu, fill the basket and go home, do it yourself, make a sumptuous meal.

When the fireworks on the stove rise, the Oil and salt food tumble and blend.

you can feel it right away , the joy of life contained in one vegetable and one meal, and the days become more enjoyable.

The entanglement of diesel, rice, oil and salt always slows down time.

The infiltration of fireworks in the world can naturally prolong life.

Health care is just a matter of eating three meals a day, and life is trivial and bearish.

Have three meals a day, and feed your body with seasonal vegetables;< /span>

Family accompany, nourish the soul with affection and love; span>

Chai, rice, oil and salt, soothe people with the smell of fireworks.

Four food and fireworks , Eating three meals a day and enjoying the four seasons of the year is the best way to keep healthy.

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