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Celery is a vegetable we often eat. It has a crunchy texture, so many people like it very much. Celery has a long history of planting in my country, so do you know what the effect of celery is? There are many ways to make celery. Some people are not suitable to eat celery, what are the contraindications of celery?

Effect of celery

1. Celery can lower blood pressure and govern the liver meridian after eating. Some studies have shown that the vegetables in celery contain acidic substances, which have a certain effect on blood pressure. If you have primary, pregnancy, or menopausal hypertension , Eating celery can play a preventive effect.

2. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer. Celery is a very nutritious substance, there is a lot of fiber in it. After this substance is digested in the intestine, it will produce a kind of lignin, which is a very common antioxidant. When the concentration is high, it can inhibit the intestinal tract. Bacteria produce carcinogens, so eating celery can prevent colon cancer.

3. Clear heat and detoxify. Celery is good for our liver. People with excessive anger, rough skin, and frequent insomnia and headaches can eat celery regularly. Especially in the spring when the climate is dry, everyone should eat more celery, it can help people improve symptoms such as dry mouth, asthma and upset.

4. Calm and soothe the nerves. An alkaline ingredient contained in celery has a sedative effect on animals, and can stabilize emotions and eliminate irritability on the human body.

5. Nourishes blood and nourishes deficiency. Celery contains high iron elements, which can supplement the loss of women’s menstrual blood, make eyes bright, hair black and bright, and avoid pale, dry and dull skin.

6. Sober up your stomach. Celery is a high-fiber food, which can speed up the digestion and elimination of the stomach, and then through the diuretic function of celery, the alcohol is excreted through the urine, which relieves the pressure on the stomach and has the effect of sobering up and protecting the stomach.

7. Prevent psoriasis. There is a substance in celery that can relax blood vessel smooth muscle, which can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Celery contains psoralen, which prevents psoriasis.

Celery recipe

Celery fried mushrooms

Ingredients< /p>

8 mushrooms, a handful of celery, some black fungus, half a carrot, an appropriate amount of sunflower oil, and an appropriate amount of salt.


1. Slice the mushrooms, but I like the feeling of mushrooms and cut them into pieces.

2. Remove the leaves from the celery, wash it, and cut the rhizomes into sections.

3. Black fungus should be watered in advance.

4. Cut the carrots into thin slices.