The baby’s body doesn’t lie, have you really chosen the right milk powder?

Although it has been a long time since the hot summer, I have not seen any decrease in the number of young patients with pediatric colds, fevers, and upper respiratory tract infections that I have recently seen.

Many parents who bring their children to see a doctor say that although it is summer now, the situation that the children love to be sick does not seem to be better than the other three seasons?

In fact, babies’ own immunity and adaptability to the external environment are closely related to their daily clothing, food, housing and transportation.

And the child’s immune system is weak, and he will get sick if he is a little “turbulent”. In addition to congenital factors, many times we have to consider whether it is caused by the misunderstanding of parents’ parenting concepts. Woolen cloth?

So, let’s take an inventory today, what are the misunderstandings in the baby’s clothing, food, shelter and transportation?

Have you fallen for these parenting mistakes?


In fact, half of the young patients I see have non-viral infections of the common cold.

Looking at what these kids are wearing, I see the problem. As soon as winter arrived, parents put on down jackets, and the spring has not yet completely passed. As soon as summer arrives, some parents can’t wait to put small vests and shorts on their children.

Children’s body temperature can be adjusted by the external environment. Parents who add clothes too much, or reduce clothes too quickly, in fact, break the child’s physiological regulation function, which takes a long time. The child’s immune system also declines.


The repetition of the epidemic has changed people’s lives more or less. For this reason, some parents also ask their children to stay in the house and clean their children’s rooms to a high degree to ensure their Closed sterile state.

In fact, this operation is counterproductive. In addition to basic cleaning, it is necessary to maintain indoor ventilation. Excessive cleaning is not good for children’s health.


I have seen a child before. During the consultation, I found that the child has some mild autism in addition to the basic diseases. After birth, never take the child outside to get in touch with nature.

This is obviously wrong. Children need to have more exposure to the outside world and understand nature. This is necessary for children to improve their own immunity and build their character. .


Food is the priority of the people, and the food of the children is even more important. For milk powder, which is an important dietary “main force” for children, many parents who choose artificial feeding believe that when choosing milk powder, the most important thing is to fully cover nutrition.

As far as nutritional intake is concerned, it is actually the most important thing that can meet the different nutritional needs of babies of different months and ages, rather than comprehensive coverage.

For the choice of milk powder, there are many key points to pay attention to, such as whether it is natural and organic, whether it is safe and healthy, and so on.

Therefore, parents should not blindly pursue comprehensive nutrition while ignoring other aspects. When it comes to natural and organic, it can be said that in recent years, the quality standard of the infant formula milk powder industry has become a new beacon.

How much do you know about “natural and organic”?

When it comes to the word “organic”, you may not understand it. Simply put, it is the current food safety level, which divides food into four categories: organic food, green food, pollution-free food and ordinary food. And these four categoriesFood has also formed a “food safety pyramid”, the higher the level, the higher the safety level.

Organic food at the top of the “pyramid” has the highest level of safety and the strictest requirements for quality and safety.


Organic milk powder is higher standards

According to the implementation of organic agricultural products, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) “Basic Standards for Organic Agriculture and Product Processing” requires the natural conditions of organic food and the basic conditions of organic food production, two are indispensable.

For example, it is also milk powder, organic milk powder needs to meet a series of strict requirements such as strictly prohibiting the use of agrochemicals, genetically engineered products, and absolutely pollution-free from pasture to production.


Organic milk powder has extremely high requirements for milk source pastures. In addition to the fact that the pasture itself must pass authoritative certification, the soil quality also requires that the use of nitrogen fertilizers and genetically modified varieties are prohibited. In addition, 3 years of deep rest and purification are required, and several months of certification and review by authoritative institutions are required.


Dairy cows in organic pastures are raised on organic pastures and supplemented with organic grains all year round; from birth to growth, dairy cows are strictly prohibited from using various lactation drugs, growth hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals. Therefore, the source of milk is natural;

In addition, dairy cows must have sufficient space for movement and use natural stocking to allow dairy cows to grow freely and happily every day.


Grassland in organic pastures is required to be free from prohibited substances such as pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, plant growth regulators, and genetically modified technology for at least three years.

And must be far away from cities, industrial and mining areas, main traffic lines, industrial pollution sources, domestic garbage dumps, etc., and set up buffer zones or physical barriers between organic and conventional production areas to ensure organic Pastures are not polluted.


Organic milk powder is higher in Australia

1. The Australian organic standard audit standard is higher

Among all organic milk powders, Australia’s organic milk powder is more stringently reviewed for organic standards.

ACO is Australia’s largest organic certification body, with more than 1,500 operators in its certification system, 80% of Australian organic products are certified by ACO, and they need to be reviewed several times a year.

2. Australian organic standard production standards are higher

The production process of Australian organic milk powder, from milking to transportation, to powdering and packaging, has a very high standard, which can be called the highest in the world.

Also, Australia requires the entire process to be traceable, ensuring organic integrity from the source and avoiding contamination.

Therefore, if parents want to choose organic milk powder for their children, Australian organic milk powder is undoubtedly a better choice.

So, which of the many Australian organic milk powders is more suitable for babies? I recommend parents to take a look at Ausnutria Chuncui Organic Milk Powder.


Australia Organics is a higher standard

1. Selected from cherished organic milk source, the whole organic chain

Organic milk powder, we have already mentioned the high standard requirements of the pasture, and Ausnutria Chuncui organic milk powder is from pastures, cows, milk sources, to factories, production, processing , all meet the internationally recognized strict organic standards, with an organic content of more than 95%, and have obtained dual organic certifications from China and Australia.

2. All products sold can be traced back

Some parents worry that the milk powder from Australia comes from a “far”, and they have concerns about the safety and authenticity of milk powder.

In fact, there is no need to worry about this, because all products sold in the market by Ausnutria Chuncui organic milk powder can be traced back to the whole process, making parents feel more at ease, rest assured.

3. Unique osmotic pressure technology to reduce the burden on the baby’s kidneys

Ausnutria organic milk powder is based on the “osmotic pressure adjustment technology” that has been studied for many years. Part of the mineral salts are removed through membrane filtration technology, and then a variety of minerals are adjusted through mineral adjustment technology. The content of milk powder makes the osmotic pressure of milk powder meet the physiological needs of infants and young children, so that children can absorb nutrients without burden.

4. Sensory evaluation

For the recommendation of infant milk powder, I have always adhered to the principle of actual inspection of the real situation. After all, the actual sensory evaluation can determine whether the milk powder is really suitable for the child.

On the outer packaging, Ausnutria Chuncui organic milk powder adopts a customized high-cap design, and the can body has rolling ribs, which not only ensures the pressure resistance, but also has aesthetics.

And the tissue state of the milk powder after opening the lid, the particles are uniform, moderate in size, loose and uniform in color, glossy, milky yellow or milky white.

Let’s take a look at the brewing effect of milk powder. Put three scoops of milk powder in 90ml of water, let it stand for a few seconds and then invert it. There is a little paste-like sediment at the bottom of the cup, but pour back the milk and shake it evenly for a while to get a better solution.

With reference to the sensory evaluation standard of milk powder, the packaging, appearance, reconstitution, etc. of Ausnutria organic milk powder are evaluated and rated. The sensory evaluation of Ausnutria organic milk powder belongs to the favorable grade.

A baby’s growth path is sometimes an advanced path for parents. In addition to avoiding “stepping on thunder” to parenting misunderstandings, it is also necessary to understand scientific parenting methods. Ausnutria organic milk powder is definitely the first choice for parents who pursue safety and quality.