The aunt was cleaning farm tools by the river, and everyone who was swimming was scared to go ashore, “almost being caught in a pot”

The beauty of mountains and water is more beautiful.

In Guangxi, in addition to Guilin’s best landscapes, there is another place where the water quality is surprisingly good.

That is Hechi City (Bama Changshou Township), where the color of the water is very special, green from a distance.

In summer, locals like to swim and play in the river, which is very suitable for summer escape.

However, as long as you swim outdoors, there are certain risks, including natural risks and man-made risks.

In Dahua County, Hechi, when a group of boys were swimming in the river, an aunt came to the shore to clean “farming tools”. ashore.

The villagers sighed: they were almost taken by the aunt.

Are you innocent?

The incident happened by a river in Dahua County, Hechi, Guangxi. The water of this river is very clear, the current is very gentle, the water is not deep and the bottom is pebbled, which is very suitable for swimming.

At dusk in summer, nearby villagers like to swim in the river, and many of them parents bring their children to play in the water.

While everyone was having a good time in the water, an aunt who had just finished her farm work came to the river to wash her farm tools.

Everyone is used to this, because the villagers often come to the river to wash their feet and farm implements, such as hoes, shovels and the like, and they don’t care too much.

It wasn’t until someone shouted, “Come ashore,” that everyone realized that there might be danger in the water at this moment.

What my aunt washes is not ordinary farm implements, but pesticide spraying implements.

And the aunt did not know that her actions would cause harm to the people in the water. In the process of cleaning the farm tools, she deliberately dumped the sewage back into the river.

Be aware that this farm implement has been filled with pesticides, and the water after cleaning contains pesticide residues.

Villagers swimming in the water will be poisoned if they accidentally drink poisonous water. Therefore, after everyone saw Aunt’s “operation”, they felt numb and went ashore, for fear of being caught in one pot.

However, there are those who hold a different view that young people are too cautious.

They have two reasons:

1. The sewage poured is limited, the water in the river is infinite, the pesticides are diluted, and swimming in it will not be poisoned.

2. The water in the river flows, even if the sewage spreads, as long as it is not near the aunt, there is basically no need to worry.

In addition, the villagers can swim to the upstream of the aunt, and the sewage can’t go upstream.

Auntie knows that the swimmers are afraid of cleaning their farm implements and run ashore, so she might laugh out loud. Today’s young people are too cautious and make a big fuss.

A careful person will find that the villagers who run ashore are not local villagers, but Tourists who come to play.

They come for a swim and bring their own drinking water.

In other words, the local villagers don’t care about Big Mom’s behavior and will continue to play in the water, because they often do it themselves.

Only people from outside the city, especially those from the city, feel that they will be poisoned. After all, they grew up in the city and have never seen similar scenes, so they are naturally afraid.

Safety comes first.

From an outsider’s point of view, they were right, albeit a bit comical, to run ashore.

When you swim in a river, even if you don’t drink the water from the river, it is inevitable that the water will get into your nose, eyes and ears.

A little bit of sewage may not be poisonous, but it is still harmful to the human body. Avoid it as much as possible.

Secondly, swimming in the wild is inherently dangerous. If there are no safety measures, it is best not to swim in the river.

We can’t be sure if there are eddies in the river, or if there are deep pits. Once caught, the consequences may be unbearable for us.

In other words, the aunt’s behavior is not “saving their lives”, but it is also equivalent to helping many swimmers get rid of a possible danger, which is also a good deed.

As the saying goes: drowned people can swim.

Remember, no matter how good your physical strength and how rich your swimming experience is, don’t go down to swim in rivers and reservoirs easily. When an accident happens, we have no chance to escape at all, and we can only rely on others to do it. save.

You only have one life, don’t risk it.