The 3 major “failure wines” in Sichuan, when they were brilliant, they were as famous as Maotai. The locals: the fighting in the nest is too serious

Introduction: Sichuan’s top 3 “failure wines”, when they were brilliant, they were as famous as Maotai. Locals: The fight in the nest is too serious.

Sichuan is a wine province, and Sichuan’s liquor in China It occupies a very important position on the map. As the saying goes, “the east does not enter Anhui, and the west does not enter Sichuan”. The only ones that can compete with Sichuan wine are the liquor provinces of Anhui and Guizhou. Like the well-known Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao and Shuijingfang, they are all from Sichuan, and there are countless other good wines.

However, in a big wine-making province like Sichuan, there will be times when it fails. Some time ago, a colleague from Sichuan invited me to dinner, because we both like to drink, so we are familiar with each other. When he brought a few bottles of wine to dinner that day, I asked him curiously, “Why don’t you drink the wine from the store today?” He replied, “For a change, let you taste our Sichuan wine.”

I laughed: “So I brought a special product today.” He told me that it was not a special product, just a very ordinary Sichuan wine. I didn’t ask too much. After three rounds of drinking, I have some doubts, is this wine just ordinary Sichuan wine? He told me that this wine used to be really good. It is no exaggeration to say that it can stand shoulder to shoulder with Maotai. .

I was quite shocked and asked: “This wine is just ordinary wine in your Sichuan province. Is Sichuan wine so powerful?” He laughed: “You think too much, these wines were really very popular in the past. It’s amazing, but for various reasons, it gradually declined, which is a pity.” I was curious about the reason, and after listening to him, I can only say, it’s really a pity.

Sichuan has a winemaking history of about 3,000 years. During such a long period of development, many good wines have gone out of the local and the whole country, which is enviable. Some wines have even gone abroad to the world. Be the pride of the country. However, there are also some unlucky Sichuan wines, which obviously have good quality, but failed to expand their scale due to market reasons, and could only start from scratch or go into decline.

1. Tuopai wine

It is known as the “six golden flowers” of Sichuan wine, produced in Sichuan Tuopai Town, Shehong, has a humid climate and four distinct seasons, and has unique wine-making conditions. Five kinds of high-quality grains are used as raw materials for craft brewing. The rich cellar fragrance, sweet taste and long aftertaste make it favored by consumers. In 1997, it reached the fourth place in the liquor industry with a profit of 185 million yuan, even surpassing Kweichow Moutai and famous wine Fenjiu at that time.

However, the difference compared to Maotai and Wuliangye is that it focuses more on the low-end consumer market. After a long period of development, it gradually finds that profits are getting lower and lower. At this time, the high-end product Shede liquor was launched, but it was too late. The rapid development of Sichuan liquor and the new tax policy have made Tuopai liquor no longer able to compete with Moutai.

Up to now, Tuopai Liquor may still be liked by many consumers, but it no longer has the strength to compete with big manufacturers such as Maotai and Wuliangye.

2. Gudao Jianghu 2900

You may be unfamiliar with this wine, but I believe that everyone should be familiar with its winery. Chuanchi Group in Qionglai, known as the “King of Sichuan Wine”. You must know that Sichuan is an important origin of original wine in the country, and the Chuanchi Group in Qionglai, Sichuan is the most important origin of original wine in Sichuan. It is conceivable that the Chuanchi Group is powerful.

This ancient road Jianghu 2900 is produced by Chuanchi Group, but many knowledgeable drinkers say thisWine is too wrong. why? It turned out that Chuanchi used to build the original wine brand and acted as a behind-the-scenes role. Now it has launched Gudao Jianghu, a high-quality wine, but no one cares and no one knows it.

Friends who have drank Gudao Rivers and Lakes should know that it is a high-quality pure grain wine, with 2900 days of base wine storage, mellow taste and endless aftertaste.

3. Xufu Daqu

I believe that friends in Sichuan are no strangers to Xufu Daqu. It is produced in Yibin, Sichuan. Produced by Xufu Grand Winery, unique mixed-steaming and continuous lees, double-round bottom fermentation production process, pure grain wine made from selected grain raw materials. It was once popular and loved by many wine lovers, with its sweet taste and mellow aroma, it was well received by consumers.

However, after the brilliance, the local liquor developed too rapidly, high-quality liquor emerged in an endless stream, and the phenomenon of “involution” was extremely serious, which led to the fact that Xufu Daqu was still immersed in brilliant happiness, and it has gradually been overtaken. Immediately after the reaction, the strategy was adjusted, but it was too late, and the reputation was not as good as before. Even if a new variety of high-end wine was launched, few people paid attention.

Although the above three wines are all declining nobles, it does not mean that they are not good enough. I personally suggest that if you are interested in drinking wine, you can try these wines, which is guaranteed to make your wine friends shine.

The above is today’s introduction. I don’t know if you have drunk the three Sichuan wines above. If so, you are welcome to express your views and opinions in the comment area. Feel free to add to what I have said.