The 3 deaths from the Shanghai epidemic are all because of it! Hong Kong used 8,735 lives to sound the alarm for everyone!

From 0 to 24:00 on April 17, 2022, 3 new local deaths were reported in Shanghai. Death case 1, female, 89 years old, complicated with acute coronary syndrome, coronary heart disease, diabetes, grade 3 hypertension, cerebral infarction, death case 2, female, 91 years old, complicated with cerebral infarction sequelae, hypertension, death case 3, A 91-year-old male with coronary heart disease and hypertension, 3 became severe after admission, and died after all efforts were made to rescue them.

At 10:00 am on April 18th, Shanghai held a press conference on the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. At 24:00 on April 17, 16 severe patients were treated in designated medical institutions. On April 17, there were 3 new deaths, none of which had been vaccinated against the new coronary pneumonia virus. After being admitted to the hospital, the condition worsened, and the rescue was invalid, and the direct cause of death was caused by the underlying disease.

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Focus on “one old and one young”!

“The epidemic in Shanghai is dominated by asymptomatic and mildly ill patients, but because of the large population base, for those infected with advanced age such as 80 or 90 years old, especially those with combined Those with serious underlying diseases, such as heart and lung diseases, etc., and not vaccinated, we call them high-risk groups. Once infected (new coronary pneumonia), There may be a situation where the condition is more critical. The three new deaths remind us that we should not be paralyzed about the new crown epidemic. This is also the fundamental reason why many medical experts do not agree with the domestic imitation of foreign epidemic prevention and control strategies. “Wuhan Li Zhiqiang, the vice president of the University’s Zhongnan Hospital, the former executive vice president of the living room in Wuhan, and the leader of the Shanghai-aided medical team of Zhongnan Hospital, said that even if the elderly have common pneumonia, they may be at risk of death. “At present, the old and the young are the focus of the epidemic prevention and control, especially for the elderly who have not been vaccinated, the vaccination rate should be further increased, and sufficient medical resources should be reserved.” Li Zhiqiang pointed out that currently the vaccination rate of the elderly is not high. In this case, if it is completely liberalized, it will be a big blow to the elderly. The death reported today is a wake-up call.


< span>Hong Kong has used 8,735 lives to explore the 7-character formula for fighting the epidemic for us

This wave of epidemic in Hong Kong The end is almost over, and the citizens have basically returned to their normal lives. We are now reviewing and analyzing the data in Hong Kong. The time is right. I don’t know if you agree or not: Hong Kong’s data is the most worthy of Shanghai’s reference. Because: same strain; same race; similar culture; similar population density; similar medical resources.

Not long ago, the Hong Kong Department of Health released statistics on COVID-19 deaths from December 31, 2021 to April 13, 2022 . The fifth wave of the Hong Kong epidemic, the death toll reached 8,735, which is indeed a scary number.

What we need to know is that the “diagnosis” standard implemented in Hong Kong is “as long as the new crown nucleic acid or antigen is positive” to be diagnosed, regardless of whether it belongs to “Asymptomatic infection”. The standards implemented in Shanghai are more stringent, and the concept of “diagnosed” is very different from that in Hong Kong. When reading the following, you should understand that the “confirmed” in the Hong Kong data is equivalent to “all nucleic acid-positive infections” in the Shanghai data.

Let me use natural language to list for you the most valuable data in this statistical report:

  • A total of 1.181 million confirmed cases were reported;

  • Among all 12,300 confirmed children under the age of 3, only one 11-month-old died (not approved in Hong Kong Children under three years of age are vaccinated). The case fatality rate for this age group was 0.008%.

  • 59,600 diagnosed 3-11 year olds A total of 6 children died, of which only 1 child received a dose of the vaccine and the remaining 5 children were not vaccinated. The case fatality rate for this age group is 0.01%. One of them, a 9-year-old, was diagnosed with a rare disease called Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
  • 5 ​​deaths among 46,300 teens aged 12-19, including 2 separate One and two doses of the vaccine were administered, and the remaining 3 were unvaccinated. The case fatality rate for this age group was 0.01%, including a 14-year-old who died from an accidental fall from a building (possibly from hallucinations).
  • 523,000 20-49 year olds diagnosed with a total of 96 deaths, 57 completely Not vaccinated, 7 completed three doses. The case fatality rate for this age group is 0.018%.
  • In confirmed cases aged 50-59, the case fatality rate for complete lack of vaccination is 0.84% ; the case fatality rate of three doses of vaccine was 0.004%. The risk differs by a factor of 210.
  • Among confirmed cases aged 60-69, the case fatality rate of completely unvaccinated is 2.06%; CFR for three doses was 0.035%. The risk difference is 59 times.
  • Among confirmed cases aged 70-79, the case fatality rate for no vaccination at all was 5.44%; the case fatality rateis 0.14%. The risk difference is 39 times.
  • The case fatality rate for completely unvaccinated cases among confirmed cases aged 80+ is 16.2 %; CFR for three doses was 0.98%. The risk differs by a factor of 17.
  • 92%deaths were chronically ill (underlying).
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    • 96% of all deaths above the age of 60. span>
    • 73% of deaths were completely unvaccinated, Only 1% of deaths are due to three doses of the vaccine.
    • < span>The median age of deaths was 86.
    • 56% of deaths were in nursing homes

    These data from Hong Kong are a wake-up call for everyone:Get vaccinated! Protect the elderly!



    Senior, in these circumstances, the vaccination is postponed

    From the point of view of the spread of epidemics in Guangdong and Jiangsu in China, the risk of severe illness among the elderly who have not been vaccinated against the new crown vaccine is significantly higher than that of the elderly who have been vaccinated. More than 90% of the severely infected people have not been vaccinated against the new crown virus. Vaccines.

    The total number of people over 60 years old in China has reached 264 million, and now there are about 20%, which means there are about 50 million of the elderly have not been vaccinated against the new crown virus, which is equivalent to the population of a medium-sized country.

    Many elderly people or their families are vaccinated against the new crown virus for the elderly There are still concerns, such as “the elderly are already weak, what should I do if there are side effects after vaccination? “The elderly don’t go out often, so it’s not necessary. “The elderly have chronic diseases and are not suitable for vaccination. ”

    First of all, practice has proved that the safety of the new crown vaccine for the elderly is good.

    Among all kinds of vaccines, China’s main vaccine has low overall side effects. For example, the proportion of fever after vaccination is about 17.61/1 million, and generally does not need to be treated. Severe allergic reactions are less than 1/10,000,000 One, as long as it is dealt with in time, there is no serious problem.

    In general, the safety indicators of several new crown vaccines currently administered in China are better than usual The various vaccines vaccinated each year.

    Secondly, even if the elderly do not go out often, they should be vaccinated in time.

    Because with the increasing proportion of young people being vaccinated, even if many young people are infected, their symptoms are very mild or even asymptomatic.


    When young people go home, or reunite with the elderly on New Year’s holidays, there may be a risk of bringing the virus home to infect the elderly, especially For those elderly people who have not been vaccinated, the situation is more serious.

    In addition to rural areas, especially remote ones, the medical treatment conditions are similar to those in urban areas. The elderly in these places have better protection measures.

    Finally, the elderly with stable health and well-controlled chronic diseases are Those who can be vaccinated against the new crown.

    Many countries’ vaccination strategies and the World Health Organization recommend that the elderly, especially those with chronic Elderly people with sexually transmitted diseases should be the top priority group for vaccination.The elderly and their family members and friends should reduce their concerns and go to the vaccination site near their home as soon as possible. Professional doctors will judge whether they are suitable for vaccination. Do not miss the vaccine protection due to misunderstanding. Opportunities.

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