Texas Rural Commercial Bank: Doing a great article on preferential financial services for the people

Dezhou Rural Commercial Bank continues to innovate systems and mechanisms, innovate credit products, flow the “source of living water” to “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, and pour into rural revitalization and development, and effectively send credit funds and inclusive finance to rural areas and people’s homes , to the hands of farmers, and promote the prosperity of rural life.

Clarify the main body of service

Helping the industry thrive and beautiful picture

The bank continuously strengthens the support for strengthening, enriching and benefiting farmers, and innovating “helps” in agricultural areas. Promote the rural revitalization strategy + list-type marketing model, in accordance with the general requirements of “prosperous industry, ecological livability, civilized rural customs, effective governance, and prosperous life”, find a good entry point for credit support, focus on industrial prosperity, and focus on credit support for agricultural leaders Enterprises, characteristic organic planting industries, pastoral complexes, family farms, farmers’ professional cooperatives, large planting and breeding households, etc.; focusing on ecological livability and rural civilization, key credit supports projects such as rural infrastructure reform and village and town construction, and the bank actively connects with villages Key people such as secretaries, agricultural financial officers, and leaders of getting rich, through visits and outreach marketing, sort out new agricultural entities such as family farms, large planting and breeding households, and professional cooperatives that meet the credit conditions within the jurisdiction, and use the form of door-to-door visits to connect. , understand their capital needs, provide credit support, lead farmers out of a road to increase income and become rich featuring “green and organic”, and effectively promote the process of urban-rural integration.

Innovative products and services

Helping the beautiful picture of organic agriculture

Dezhou Rural Commercial Bank continuously optimizes its credit structure, relies on the establishment of “model villages”, and increases its efforts to support agriculture , in-depth investigation and research, explore the way of financial boosting the upgrading of agricultural industrial structure, and replicate and promote successful experience within the entire jurisdiction. Combined with the promotion of the bank’s “Family Bank” brand, it has innovatively developed special agricultural credit products such as “Strong Village Loan”, “Farm Loan”, “Subsidy Loan” and “Family Farm Loan”, and has increased the support for the adoption of new technologies and technologies. Supporting green industries, creating “green finance”, and carrying out the activity of “Finance Evening Schools Entering Villages”, experts in planting and breeding and major households in planting and breeding are invited to participate. With the themes of “Financial Knowledge Entering Thousands of Homes”, “Anti-counterfeiting”, and “Crackdown on Illegal Fund-raising”, we will strengthen publicity and education on inclusive finance, improve villagers’ awareness of prevention, and build a rural financial ecosystem.

Optimize service channels

Beautiful picture of helping farmers get rich

Dezhou Rural Commercial Bank optimizes the credit structure of “adjusting small, adjusting and dispersing”, and increases credit “Three Rurals”, characteristic planting and breeding industries, and professional cooperatives support, constantly innovate product research and development efforts to meet the needs of different groups such as merchants and urban residents, and create “private customization” of credit products; actively adapt to the “Internet +” financial model , increase the promotion of the “Smart e-Shopping” mall, select merchants with distinctive features and high evaluations to settle in the mall, and jointly carry out preferential activities such as group purchases, seckills, full discounts, and full gifts with merchants to help farmers expand agricultural product sales channels , to provide customers with “production-supply-sales one-stop” services such as credit products and market information, and guide the villagers to embark on the path of increasing their income with characteristics. (Sun Haimin)