Taverns 270: The first-line sea view treasure hotel in Qingdao seaside: Crowne Plaza Resort Haiquan Bay Executive Treatment Haitianri Restaurant Experience

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Just wrote about a high cost-effective treasure hotel in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao:

Then write down the Haitian Japanese restaurant and specialty beer bar in this hotel .

Staying at Crowne Plaza Haiquan Bay, the executive lounge is not open, but there is no late buffet, and there is no afternoon tea for executive treatment. Soft drinks can be taken at the lobby bar throughout the day, and happy hour is arranged In the Haitianri restaurant on the negative first floor, it is used in the form of a set menu.

The restaurant environment is so-so, the front door doesn’t look very high-end, and the color matching is too gaudy, but the interior is okay, all are small compartments.

It seems that there will also be semi-self-help here, which should be in the form of single-point and partial self-help. , but it was not open when I went there. The structure of the restaurant is simple. The left side of the aisle is the dining table, and the right side is one and a half boxes.

Why is it a semi-private room? It is such a hollowed-out design on all sides.

The tableware is neatly arranged, Relatively simple.

There are two packages for you to choose from. You can stay for two days, so you need one for each experience. The two packages are basically It’s the difference between the main food and the main dish. The overall service is not bad, and the serving speed is also very fast. It is not neglected because it is a free administrative treatment guest.

Review the dishes below.

2. Comments on dishes

The appetizers are spicy cabbage and seaweed. It tastes like a convenient package. The spicy cabbage is not delicious, and the seasoning is a bit strange.

The salad vegetables are okay Fresh and flavored with a rare sweet orange juice.

The sashimi is a basic item that you don’t usually eat or order, but the freshness is acceptable.

Tempura is eggplant, lotus root, pumpkin and prawn, crispy and light is not to mention, when ordinary fried Eat it, the size and quality of the shrimp are good.

After all, saury is not accustomed to roasting with dirt, and the bitter “saury taste” cannot be accepted. But the grilled herring was very good, crispy on the outside, plump and juicy, and well seasoned.

The staple food is a bowl without The meaty tonkotsu ramen and the meatless fried rice are decent enough to fill your stomach.

The miso soup is just average, too salty.

The steamed egg is not bad, the appearance is perfect, and the entrance is tender.

To tell the truth, although it is not as good as a buffet, both the quantity and taste are acceptable and edible. The degree of fullness is quite sincere.

3. Beer bar

As mentioned in the previous article, the price of this Chinese restaurant is close to the people. My stomach was full all the time, so I couldn’t taste the level.

In the corridor of the hotel, I found this specialty beer bar to be a good place. There are two full-helmeted knights standing at the door, which is more atmospheric, and the sign next to it looks cheap.

The interior decoration is pretty good Yes, it looks like you have worked hard, there are not many people, it is very quiet, it is indeed a good choice to have a drink when you are tired from shopping.


This hotel has low food and beverage consumption, which is good for members The treatment is also good, the room type is upgraded, the administrative treatment is available, and there is a more sincere alternative if the lounge is not open, although there is noIt’s a pity to have a self-service delivery, but you can’t ask for too much, right?

I hope more people know about this family, and the business can get better.

I hope this article is helpful to you, thank you for watching!

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