Talking about Tao Tao on Renmai in detail

The Tao Tao, Tao refers to the pottery kiln, Tao refers to the passage, where the yang qi passes through the hole, which is like the passage from the fire of the pottery kiln, hence the name. On the Renmai, Xuanji and Tao Dao are opposite each other, echoing back and forth. Tao Dao and Xuanji are two important places in this cycle. Why is it called Tao Dao? Because in the opinion of the ancients, the fastest rotating object is Tao Jun, so “Tao” is used to call this point, which describes the speed of qi and blood circulation. The ancients believed that as big as the circulation of heaven, and as small as the circulation of qi and blood in the human body, it is like this Tao Jun over and over again, and everything is created in this continuous cycle. Only when qi and blood circulate in this way can yin and yang be in harmony and impartiality.

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about the human body, and it is inseparable from the word qi and blood. Most of them are either insufficient qi and blood, or poor qi and blood. Tao Dao regulates the entire atmospheric circulation of the human body. . It stands at a very high position, Tao Jun rotates in the middle, and it affects the four sides, which will inevitably generate wind. The point on the lower right of Tao Dao is the Fengmen point. Since it is to regulate the whole, the disease to be treated is definitely not a small local disease, but is regulated from the whole. When there is a problem with the circulation of qi and blood in the human body, such as the body is too cold, the qi and blood are stagnant, and the operation is not smooth, it plays a regulating role. Therefore, Taodao acupoints have a great effect and are widely used, and can be used for almost all problems of the human body.

In ancient times, Tao Jun also meant running a country. Tao Dao was in control of the overall situation, but he was not a monarch. Exercising the power of the monarch to control the overall situation, the position is the prime minister. Just like the lungs of the human body, the position of Tao Tao in the acupoints is equivalent to the prime minister, that is, the complementary official, the right-hand man of the monarch, assisting the emperor to govern the world. Above Tao Jun.” That’s the meaning.

Tao Dao acupoint belongs to the Du vessel and is located under the spinous process of the first thoracic vertebra. The meeting point of Governor Vessel and Foot Sun. The Governor Vessel runs in the middle of the back of the human body. The yang qi of the governor’s body; the foot of the sun is the main indicator. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that exogenous fever is caused by external evils in the human body. Depression of Wei Yang’s proclamation, depression and fever; and internal injury fever is caused by “Yang has excess” or Qi stagnation. It is clinically found that Tao Dao has a good effect of relieving the surface and reducing fever, allowing the passage of yang qi, which is like the passage of a pottery stove. Tao said in “The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion”: “Maintains malaria, cold and heat, strong sagging spine, irritability, no sweating, heavy head, restless eyes, guilt, trance and unhappiness.”

1 Treatment of cervical spondylosis: Tao Dao is the acupuncture point of the Du meridian, and the Du meridian carries yang qi in the whole body. If the yang qi of the Du meridian is blocked, the meridian will be blocked, causing abnormal spinal movement and neck discomfort. Through acupuncture at Taodao points, the purpose of invigorating yang qi, replenishing essence and filling marrow, balancing yin yang qi and blood, and dredging meridians is achieved. “No pain in general”, qi and blood yin and yang must be adjusted. Muscles are moistened, joints benefit. The muscles relax naturally and the pain will disappear. Acupuncture at Taodao points and upward penetration can promote the absorption of inflammation in the soft tissue, relieve local muscle tension, and reduce the irritation to nerve roots and sympathetic nerve endings.

2In the treatment of chronic bronchitis, massaging Tao Tao can significantly improve lung function. Therefore, people with chronic bronchitis, or people who often cough and feel that their lung function is not very good, may wish to stimulate Tao Dao from time to time.

When we massage, we can lower our head, hold the head with one hand, press the thumb of the other hand against the acupoint, and the other four Refers to the force of grasping the neck, massage with thumb, and use more force when massaging, each massage is about 100 times, and slowly, lung function will be greatly improved. “When you climb high and move, your arms don’t lengthen, but you see farther; when you call down the wind, your voice doesn’t get sicker, but you hear it.” Doing everything must follow the trend, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort. The same is true of health preservation and treatment, finding the location of the disease and applying the treatment method to the symptomatic place, so that the problem can be solved in the easiest way and the fastest speed.