Take care of yourself, start with 6 small things

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< span>Yi Shu said: “Everyone’s ultimate destination is themselves.”

Withstanding the test of the epidemic, I have seen life and death a lot, and I deeply feel the preciousness of life.

also understand, The most important thing in the rest of your life is to take care of yourself.

After all, only Only by taking care of yourself can you protect everything and be treated gently by the world.

Regular work and rest, early to bed and early to rise

Life is short and things are impermanent.

An epidemic, A poignant truth is revealed:

No matter rich or poor, everyone is equal in the face of life and death.

Only immunity Only strong people can defeat the virus and regain the initiative in life.

Healthy body, It is a person’s greatest confidence and competitiveness.

Someone is flourishing , but they are weak and weak; some are old and still in good spirits.

and pull people apart And the gap between people, often lies in the different way of life.

If you stay up late Sleeping, sedentary, irregular diet, no matter how good the age, can not stand the toss.

Only regular work and rest , Go to bed early, get up early, keep exercising, eat on time, and take care of your body, in order to pave the way for the rest of your life.

Manage image, clean and decent

< span>Russell said: “A person’s appearance is the appearance of a person’s value.”

means that your image is your life attitude and spiritual outlook.

If you are young The skin is given by the parents, and the image of the middle-aged is created by himself.

Only self-discipline and Persistence and good image management can resist the years and stay young.

This is not superficial, It is the love of oneself and the respect of life.

No need for anything Abdominal muscle vest line, but don’t let your figure get out of shape, keep your mouth open and open your legs;

Don’t go too far in jewelry, suits and leather shoes, but at least it must be clean and decent.

Whenever, don’t lose Don’t lose your love for life.

Even if time goes by People, but they are extra generous to those who maintain a good image.

Clean room, bright and tidy

< span>Zeng Guofan said: “It’s not easy to clean up, it’s a loser.”

If a person doesn’t clean up his room, he will be distracted.

People have no energy God, it is inefficient to do things, and it will form a vicious circle in the long run.

bright and clean The room is the booster of a happy life.

Because cleaning the The process of debris and garbage is also cleaning up the burden in the heart.

It’s time to throw , let it go, and people will become simple, content, and happy.

and my eyes are clear , the mind will naturally be at peace and comfortable.

Not only that, in fact A room is an energy field.

The brighter the room Cleanliness makes people more willing to keep their bodies clean and self-disciplined.

Over time, Form a positive magnetic field, making people full of vitality and full of positive energy.

Adjust your mood, keep smiling

< span>“The Ballad of Happiness” said: “Sorrow is also a day, joy is also a day.”

People live a lifetime, the mood is the most important, and the happiness is the most important.

In a good mood, Things will go smoothly; in a bad mood, life will be a mess.

Be a human being, be sure to Learn to adjust your mood and face life with a smile.

The world is a mirror , you smile, it returns you joy and joy; you frown, it returns you helpless.

If you encounter difficulties, Look farther and farther, there are no hurdles in life that cannot be overcome, and there are no knots that cannot be untied.

Sadness , think about it a little bit, understand that in this world, apart from life and death, everything else is trivial.

Be aware that a A person’s happiness lies in the happiness of the heart.

Set the mood , keep smiling, more than anything else.

Stop complaining, take action

< span>Life is unhappy, nine times out of ten.

The World of Adults Here, money is not easy to earn, things are not easy to do, and no one is easy.

Maybe resentful , you will blame God for injustice, bad luck, and stupidity…

But complaining is the most useless thing in the world, and the more you complain, the worse it gets.

There is a saying: “The general is on his way, not chasing the rabbit. ”

Take your time Growing, not complaining, is the secret to success.

Instead of complaining, change and take real action.

The more you pay, the farther you will be from troubles, and the more you work, the closer you are to happiness.< /p>

Stop complaining, in order to iron out the folds of life and live the life Be well.

Improve cognition, keep learning

The times are changing rapidly, and the future is unpredictable.

In the past two years, a sentence has long been verified: “When the tide goes out, you will know who is swimming naked. ”

Economy is not Prosperity, job competition will become more and more intense, and the employment threshold will become higher and higher.

At this time, the first group to be eliminated are those who have low cognitive level and stop learning.

Because a person who doesn’t study, his mind is empty, and his whole person will gradually fade away

and keep going A person who absorbs knowledge and nourishment will have a rich and full brain, and his life will become thick.

There are no free books in the world. Every book is opening a window for you to see the world.

Only the more you learn, the wider your knowledge; The deeper the cognition.

In the future, insist on charging and learning, improve your cognitive level, and keep yourself competitive enough, and the road ahead will be wider and wider.< /span>

Confucianism Jun said:

Before you know it, one third of the year 2022 has passed.

Thank you for always working hard and never giving up.

in the days to come , but also take good care of yourself, leave a piece of happiness for yourself, and live up to this life, it is a worthwhile trip.