Taiwan adds 2 new local cases of BA.5

(Observer Network News) According to the Taiwan media “United News Network”, the Taiwan Epidemic Command Center announced on July 25 that there were 17,127 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia on the island, including 16,921 local cases and 206 imported cases. , 53 new deaths.

According to Taiwan’s “Zhongshi News Network” news, on the 25th, Taiwan added 48 confirmed cases of Omicron subtype variant strains BA.4 and BA.5, including 2 local cases and 46 imported cases. The command center stated that two new local cases of the Omicron subtype variant BA.5 were added today, in males in their 60s and 50s.

Up to now, a total of 416 imported cases of Omicron subtype variants have been detected in Taiwan, including 62 cases of BA.4 and 354 cases of BA.5; a total of 9 local confirmed cases, all of which are BA.5 subtypes .

Data map of Taiwan epidemic. Picture from Zhongshi News Network

The command center said there were 16,921 new local cases today, of which 7,981 were males and 8,931 were females. The 9 cases under investigation ranged in age from under 5 years old to over 90 years old.

The command center pointed out that there were 53 new deaths from local cases today, including 29 males and 24 females. Have not received 3 doses of the new crown vaccine.

The command center said that of the 206 newly imported cases, 111 were males and 95 were females, ranging in age from under 5 years old to 80s. The entry date is from June 24 to July 24 this year.

According to the statistics of the command center, as of now, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia on the island has reached 4,447,707, including 18,667 imported cases, 4,428,986 local cases, 36 Dunmu Fleet, 3 aircraft infections, 1 unknown and 14 investigations. middle. Since 2020, a total of 8,649 new coronary pneumonia deaths have been reported, of which 8,634 are local cases and 15 are imported cases.