Tagore’s poem full of Zen, Pu Shu quoted it in the lyrics, singing and crying countless 80s

The first time I listened to Pu Shu’s “Birch Forest” and “Those Flowers” when I was a teenager, I was moved to tears. In fact, I am very repulsive of pop music. It doesn’t mean that you must listen to classical music if you want to be taller. , I just think which works are nothing more than saliva, babble, they seem artificial, they sound particularly harsh, and they cannot resonate with me, but when I listened to the simple music for the first time, I suddenly discovered his works It has a strong penetrating power, which is why I like simplicity.

In 2004, he released his second album, when he was still in junior high school, he was frugal and used his first album. I bought it for a while, and then I heard the shocking “Life Like Summer Flowers”, the beautiful melody, and the philosophical lyrics, which were all very moving. Later, after reading some foreign poems, I learned that he was quoting the poem “Life Is Like Summer Flowers” in Tagore’s “Flying Birds”, a famous modern and modern Indian poet. I read a lot of his poetry collections and read them ecstatically.

Whenever I think back to my youth, I think of Pu Shu’s music and reading poetry The days of , whether it is poetry or music, have become the collective memory of the post-80s generation. In those days when I read Tagore’s poems, I actually had a lot of ideals. I wanted to go to the outside world. I wanted to have a girl who would love me. I still have tears in my eyes when I look back on it, and Tagore is full of Zen philosophy. For “Life Like Summer Flowers”, the whole poem has a high artistic conception. Naturally, he didn’t understand it when he was a teenager, but now he has grown up and suddenly discovered his greatness.

Tagore wrote a passage full of Zen in his inscription: life , again and again frivolous, frivolous and tireless. This is the best interpretation of life. He also underestimates life and knows what the meaning of life is. Reading his works is the easiest to move people. It seems to be written very ordinary, but every sentence is very particular and integrated into his own thoughts. To be honest, I have always been very vague about India. Even in today’s era of advanced communication, the India we see is still dirty and messy.


prajnaparamita, one voice

Life is as gorgeous as summer flowers, and death is as beautiful as autumn leaves

I still care about what I have

This is the last part of the whole poem. If you are interested, you can find ” Read “Flying Birds Collection”. In these few poems, we see an old man full of wisdom. He told the world affectionately that life can be as gorgeous as summer flowers, and death can be as quiet and beautiful as autumn leaves. So if a person wants to do this, to realize such a long-cherished wish, it can only depend on you. So in the last sentence, it doesn’t matter what you have. It also clarifies the theme and makes the poem more appealing, and it is amazing to read.

Life is short, everyone is just passing by, but we can choose What kind of life, what kind of person to be, this is the true meaning of life, if only chaos ends this life, it is a sad thing. From Tagore’s works, we can feel his interpretation of life and his care for young people everywhere. When I haven’t read the works of foreigners, I also have a prejudice against their works. I think that only the poetry of Li Bai and Du Fu can be regarded as real poetry. Whether it is Indian or Western poetry, it is not in the mainstream. is not worth reading at all.

Tagore’s poetry changed my opinion, in this classic poem, we feel The profoundness of the poet, as well as his interpretation of life, the whole poem is exuberant, and every sentence is full of profound philosophy of life, which is why his poems are loved by people. Pu Shu’s quoting of his poems undoubtedly played the role of finishing touch. To this day, I still like Pu Shu’s “Life Like Summer Flowers” and Tagore’s poems. After all, it was the deepest imprint of my youth.